autumn leaves in eastern Canada

We begin with images from Quebec on 26 October 2017.



Another view.



Nice contrast of colors seen here.



A closer view.



The start of a rainy day of sightseeing.



More trees in autumn colors.



I think the statue is of St. Anne.



Red leaves.



Close by the river.



A close up view.



Montmorency Falls.



The waterfall in the distance with a tourist in the foreground.



Now shifting to scenes from Halifax, Nova Scotia captured on Monday, 23 October 2017.  The city’s public garden is nice.



The trees here were not so far along in their slide to winter dormancy.  Halifax being on the coast must have a more temperate climate than further inland.



Trees along a pond.  There appear to be dead leaves floating in the water.



Red leaves and patches of blue sky.



Another scene with a good contrast of colors.



Mild temperature and no rain made for a pleasant walk.



A final image of autumn leaves in Halifax.



Corner Brook, Newfoundland was another port of call for this cruise.  These photos were taken on Saturday, 28 October 2017.  An interesting item of note is that Corner Brook is one and one half (1.5) hours ahead of New York and Quebec City.  On a large map, one can see that the southern end of Greenland appears to be only several hundred miles distant from Corner Brook.



The town of Corner Brook from a short distance.



One of the entrances to Corner Brook’s Stream Trail seen here.



Tree branches sans leaves.



Autumn is sometimes simply called Fall.  Here, we see many fallen leaves.



Another entrance to the trail.



Tall trees with golden-colored leaves.



Here we present 3 views of this pond along the stream trail.



Another view of the pond and distant trees under a heavy, cloudy sky.



Continuing towards our right, we get this final view, and can see trees reflected in the water.



A memorable walk amongst the trees.



Tall trees and golden-colored leaves.



Now, nearing the docks, we see trees along a main road.



We say goodbye to Corner Brook.



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