the “lost tribes” and Christian Zionists: some thoughts

What of these “lost tribes” mentioned in the Old Testament of the Bible?

We are well aware that there are tiny communities of “Jews” in places such as Ethiopia, Yemen, Iran, India and elsewhere.  We have read the assertions of some modern writers that the Anglo-Saxon peoples are descendants of various lost tribes of Israel, and that is the reason these peoples have dominated the world for the past few centuries as God smiled upon their undertakings.

Could it just be that these lost tribes were lost to history as so many other peoples have been lost over the millennia?  Peoples have been lost to history through the combination of being killed, sold into slavery, being dispersed or fleeing over large areas, intermarrying with conquering peoples, etc.  With the Jewish characteristic of maintaining their tribal and cultural identity even in foreign lands among alien peoples, if there were lost tribes that survived through the many centuries they ought to be easily recognizable and identifiable.

Even though we do not believe that various White Europeans are descended from any of the “lost tribes” of Israel, perhaps, Christian Zionists are members of one or more of the “lost tribes”.  Perhaps more to the point, many Christian Zionists may subconsciously be wannabe Jews.

We have seen bloggers who claim to be Christian use avatars that say “Lover of Israel”.



Of course, the following paragraphs will get me labelled or branded as being an “anti-Semite”.  Be that as it may, we will not engage in self censorship here on this blog.

Christian Zionism is one of the great heresies of these times.  Pastor John Hagee promotes this nonsense and is a fool.  Christian Zionism is often tied in with eschatological (end times) Christianity, and the belief that these modern day Jews are to play a part or role in the salvation of mankind.  (Hmmm . . .  Knowing the Jewish role in the assault on Christianity over the past few centuries, which reached its fanatical peak under Bolshevism and continues today in the post Christian West, can we take this seriously?  God is really going to work out man’s salvation with these Jews?  That assertion is at the far frontiers of belief, and is a bridge too far for many of us!)

If only those who claim to be Christian really knew the religion, and actually practiced it and lived it!

Previously on this blog, we have pointed out the errors of Christian Zionism and do not wish to have to repeat all that we have written before here.  But, it needs to be pointed out that these Jews that these Christian Zionists are so enamored of are either atheists or are Talmudists and thus are no friends of Christianity.  (The Talmud still contains many vilely anti-Christ and anti-Christian passages that the Jews of today refuse to strike from their holy book.)  As well, more than 90 per cent of today’s “Jews” are not descended from the ancient Hebrews or Israelites.  The eastern Jews or Ashkenazim are descendants from a tribe that converted to Judaism in the 8th century of the Christian era and lived on the steppes around and north of the Caspian Sea in Russia.

But, you say what of the special relationship between God and the Jews?

As to the Old Covenant, that was in full effect from the time of Abraham until the time of Christ.  Christ’s New and Everlasting Covenant superseded the Old Covenant.  Jesus came in fulfillment of the Scriptures.  Spread the Good News of the Gospel to all nations and peoples, Jew and Gentile alike.  (We might also warn Christians to be wary of the chauvinism and ethno-centrism of today’s Jews.)

My not so humble suggestion to those millions of the Christian Zionist persuasion is get up off your asses and attempt to evangelize these so-called Jews.

We must conclude from their willful failure to attempt to spread the Gospel to these non-Christians (the Jews), that Christian Zionists are counterfeit Christians, or fake Christians, and as such are useful idiots (a term from Lenin) for the Jews.

As to the harm that this Christian Zionism – or counterfeit Christianity as we shall now call it – is doing in the US and in the world:

I’m sick of it.  I AM SICK OF IT!!

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  1. Hagee is an idiot just as you said. WE are called to preach and if the Jews were exempt as he preaches, then our Church would never would have been established as it began first with the Jews.

  2. Jew equals Ju, a shortened term for Judean, many of whom were descended from the 1st Adam unlike most of the Pharisees as descended from a nonadamic type.

    1. We would not go quite that far as to say Biblical prophecies are part of a Jewish supremacy myth. But, people need to consider what this concept of “chosen people” meant back then and what it means today. Clearly there are some very chauvinistic verses in the Bible. Christian Zionists (all are from Protestant denominations) take every verse in the Bible literally and many believe it contains a cook book approach to living (i.e. has all the directions one needs *). The Talmud is even more extreme in its promotion of the idea of Jews as being superior to the rest of us, who are referred to as goyim (literally translated means cattle).

      * We think the Bible contains some very important truths, and teaches the main moral principles. But, it does not contain specific instructions for every possible situation or circumstance encountered in life. We can deduce what is right and wrong from the ethical principles taught in the Bible (the Ten Commandments of the Mosaic Code and the 2 commandments of Christ). Too many Protestants cherry pick and twist their interpretations of verses in the Bible to justify just about anything they wish to do. We believe that is the wrong approach.

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