adult children: forgive your parents

Are you still burdened by emotional and psychological wounds/scars from childhood and your parents?  We need to bear in mind that parents are not perfect, they are frail and fallible human beings as we all are.  Even well-intentioned parents, subject to so many pressures in these trying times, can and do make mistakes in their parenting.  As they say, forgiveness is a gift that you give to yourself.  Thus, for the sake of your personal mental health and healing, let go of past hurts and pain.  Let go of the heavy burden that is resentment and even possibly hate of your parent(s).  There is freedom and personal growth to be found in forgiveness.



other related thoughts

We need strong families, and not these fake families that are touted today.  We, collectively as a society, need both a husband/father and a wife/mother to be in the home for successful, constructive child rearing.  The traditional, nuclear family is what works and has been proved on the anvil of time and experience.

It is our fervent prayer and hope that more loving couples will open up their hearts and thus their homes so that all children needing to be placed into a loving foster family can and will be placed into a loving, nurturing and supportive environment.

In our toxic, self-centered culture, we forget or overlook or ignore the terrible human cost of lives that are not valued and not protected.  Let us work to build a more loving society for all people.

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