antelope canyon part two: au naturel

From the tour of Lower Antelope Canyon, we now share some of the images captured in natural light without any enhancements.  There is a constantly changing interaction and dynamic in play between the sunlight from above and the rock walls and formations inside this famous slot canyon.  This changing light show is clearly seen as the visitor walks through the canyon on the guided tour.  Thus, to fully convey this interesting and changing scenery, and to grasp the full experience, be advised that we present a large number of images in this post.

Antelope Canyon is located on the Navajo Reservation near the sizeable town of Page, Arizona; and is not very far from Lake Powell in the northernmost section of the state.



One of the many views in the canyon.



Another example of the changing and varying colors and shades of color.



The sedimentary sandstone on display here.



Let’s start at the beginning.



The midday tour group walks towards the waiting area above the narrow canyon.



Such a popular tourist attraction produces crowds that must queue up and wait their turns to start down the staircases and into Lower Antelope Canyon.



The tour group ahead of us starts its descent.



This view is captured while descending the staircases.



Looking up and generally back the way we came in this shot.



Another glance back to show the ladders and folks descending these to start their tours.



Layered rock, sometimes with striations, is seen here with the sunlight filtering in from above.



Another view.



Further along, we glance up to see this scene.



A slight shift of a few feet along the trail offers this brighter view.



With a little imagination, one may see the head of a puma (or cougar) in this shot.



Another example of the sunlight filtering in from above on to rock surfaces.



A more well-lit area shows some of the visitors on our tour following behind us.



Undulating rock.  Ripples in stone.



The interplay of light and shade is visible here.



Here is a challenging, almost surreal view.



A more ordinary scene of desert sandstone.



Another shot.



Various shades of color are seen here.



An interesting view here looking up.



Undulations in stone.



A couple of views now along the walking trail.



The next shot.



Looking up, one might not be faulted for thinking of the potter at his or her wheel as this stone almost seems to have been worked by a master artisan or craftsmen.



We think these might be water stains from the dripping of mineral rich waters over time.



A narrow side cavity or spur off the main walking trail (that was pretty narrow itself in several places).



This image shows differences in color and differences in texture.



Another upward view.



Walking along with the other visitors on our tour.



Sky and clouds above the canyon walls.



Interesting effects of erosion and some differences in the texture of the rock surfaces are visible here.



Another nearby scene.



Here we again see the different effects of both direct sunlight and indirect lighting of the rock surfaces.



A different scene here with more ordinary light effects.



Changing colors and shades/hues nearby.



Along the trail, we catch this view.



Ripples and textures of the sandstone.



Wavy, textured, colored rock.



In places, the trail widens and you see larger open areas such as this one.



Here is an opportunity for a photo of a happy visitor.



Interesting shapes and holes in the rock from erosional processes.



Another example.



A surreal, perhaps even magical scene seen here.



Glancing upwards again.



Another example.



More rocks.



Another scene seen from the walking trail.



Nearing the end of the tour and final ascent up to ground level.



A bizarre and perhaps almost phantasmagoria like scene here.  More so, in the next image below.



This shot is in natural light with no enhancements or processing.  It almost appears that the rock is on fire or is flowing or rippling.  Dreamlike.



A final look back while ascending from an almost mythical world.



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