geese: follow the leader

Here we see geese playing follow the leader at the local botanical gardens.



Another pic with more individuals beginning to fall in line.  We observe similar patterns of behavior in human society.



Being a follower allows one to be mentally lazy and not think for one’s self.  This works for animals, but does not work so well for humans.  Human society is more and more beginning to resemble the herd or the flock where most individuals follow without thinking.



It saddens us to hear of the cruelty to these beautiful animals in Canada by some irresponsible miscreant profiteers.  People who abuse animals sometimes graduate to abusing defenseless and vulnerable human beings.  We need to work to end the cruel treatment of animals, yes, and we also have to work to stop the cruel treatment of humans (of all ages) in all its forms.



It was an instance of spontaneously enjoying a simple pleasure by photographing these geese when we leisurely happened upon this scene during our stroll through the local botanical gardens on Saturday, 02 December 2017.



Seeing the geese, brought to mind memories of the times when my late father and I hunted them along the eastern shore of the Chesapeake Bay while I was an undergrad at the University of Maryland in the late 1970s.  Goose hunting with shotguns does not make even a small dent in the population of Canada geese.  As well, the geese fly over the hunters waiting in their “blinds”, and the only ones that are vulnerable are those flocks that fly low enough to be in range.  (They are not hunted in the same way that pheasants are.)  Thus, as goose hunters know from their experiences, good opportunities to “bag” a goose are fairly limited.  Hunting on public (state) managed lands is regulated by state wildlife personnel (much like park rangers).  Most hunters are actually conservationists and wish to preserve wetlands and wildlife for future generations.

These birds appear to be largely vegetarian.  When cooked and eaten after proper preparation, these geese have a gamey flavor and all the meat is dark as opposed to the white meat of a chicken breast.



Another image.  Unlike many species of ducks, where the male has more brightly colored plumage, and the female has more bland, neutral colored feathers, there appears to be no sexual differentiation in the coloration of the feathers in these geese.



A solitary individual takes notice of me only a few feet away while photographing him.



Eating appears to be a group social event for these large birds.



Looking down for something to eat.



These remaining images are of geese at the fountain.



A couple of geese hang out by the water’s edge.



One goose prepares to drink.



Here we see him or her stretch down for a gulp of cold water.



Stretching his neck up so that all the water goes down.



the end

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