a walk in the botanical gardens – part one

We now offer some pictures, recently taken in the local botanical garden, for your viewing pleasure.



Trees and plants seen from just inside the entrance to the garden in Golden Gate Park.



Another nearby view.



A cluster of green color here.



There are a few informational signs along the paths in the garden.  This one tells of an earlier geologic/biologic age, the trees of which are now the coal that we extract from the earth.



This wire and metal contraption is intended to represent a dragonfly.  In earlier epochs, these may have been much larger than the various species of today.



A pleasant, late autumn afternoon makes for an enjoyable stroll.



Not being botanists, we still appreciated the variety of species in the large botanical garden.  Some species of plants and trees were from Australia and others were from far off Africa.



This informational sign tells of plants colonizing the land.



A pleasant view here.



One wonders how the earth scientists and the geologists know the locations of the continents or continent fragments many millions of years before the formation of the super continent of Pangea.



A mallard duck floating along in one of the ponds of the garden.  Male ducks are the more colorful and are called Drakes.  Here we see a Mallard Drake (male).



Reflections in the water’s surface appear to vibrate in the ripples.



Another nearby view.



Stones at the water’s edge seen here.



Squirrels and humans.



A closer view.



. . . . to be continued in part two . . . .

copyright 2017 – larrysmusings.com

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