There are many species of plants growing along the many pathways through the gardens.



Some more examples seen here.



An interesting plant here.



There are plenty of trees to see.



We did not see any colorful butterflies, but as the sign tells us, these are typically seen from February through July.



Some pruned branches, perhaps, lying on the ground.



A scene along one of the paths.



An impressive display of the color green.



A small pond with overhanging trees and fallen leaves afloat on the water’s surface.



A stand of bamboo.



A look through the trees.



A pinkish red colored plant.



Another sample.



Many, many plants along the various paths.



This flowering plant reaches out to passersby over the paved path.



Working our way back to the entrance/exit, we see this paved clearing.



An informational plaque tells of the development of the larger park and the botanical garden within it.



Upon leaving, we take this photo of the entrance in the late afternoon light.



A final pic.



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