The sad fact is that Jews are no friends of Christianity or to Christians.  The Jews have given us Marxism (Bolshevism) which is aggressively atheistic in practice, radical (or gender) feminism, Cultural Marxism, and have worked to promote and make socially acceptable sexual licentiousness, abortion on demand, and homosexual (“gay”) rights.  If Christians seem today to be demoralized, that is because in both senses of the word, they are!  Christians do not have the will any longer to really fight for what is right in no small part because many have abandoned some or almost all of their Christian moral principles.

The social revolutionary Jews have succeeded in undermining the values of western Christian civilization in part by corrupting the social sciences over the past 125 years in western academia.  The Jews have also co-opted and infiltrated many of the politically “conservative” groups within the US, while at the same time greatly influencing, even dominating the Left in the US for the past 100 years, the era of so-called “Progressivism”.

But, why take my word for it?

Read this lengthy analysis in the form of a book review of The Culture of Critique (by Professor Kevin MacDonald).

This linked to analysis covers all the pertinent historical facts much better than I could.  This piece even answers, or attempts to answer the question of why do Jews work so hard to undermine Christian values and societies.


For a primer on the Jewish role in the Frankfurt School, also known as the Institute for Social Research (Institut für Sozialforschung), see this post on the same blog.

There can no longer be any denying of the critical, catalyst role played by revolutionary Jews in the major shifts, paradigm shifts, in western, Christian culture in the past 100+ years.  If you think that the current problems and challenges in Western societies are intractable, ultimately without possible constructive resolution, you are quite correct, and that is no accident.  The revolutionary nature, mindset or psychopathology is such that change and the pressure for ongoing, continual change are fundamental driving forces.  A state of society can never be reached that will be to the social revolutionaries’ liking.

Read the linked posts.  Think about what these tell us in the analysis presented.  Then, draw your own conclusions.

Politically correct disclaimer:  Carefully considering these questions and reading from non mainstream sources that address these troubling questions does not make you “anti-Semitic” – a tired old, shopworn canard, to be sure.  As well, when one becomes more informed as to who, which group of people, have played and continue to play such a pivotal role in the subversion and destruction of Christian civilization, you will understand why we have come to call Christian Zionists “counterfeit Christians”.

little known history that is relevant here

The Germans in the 1920s and 1930s came to the same conclusions, that Jews were acting subversively and were working to undermine or destroy Germany’s political system, culture and values.  (Jewish communist agitators and subversives were at work in many of the European nation states at the time.  This is not fully appreciated by people in the US.)  This awakening of the Germans did not go unnoticed by world Jewry at the time.  World Jewry declared economic war on Germany with its call for a worldwide boycott of German products in March, 1933.  Note that this was just weeks after Hitler became Chancellor on 30 January, 1933.  As well, Germany relied on its foreign exports of manufactured goods to feed itself.  This economic boycott was a serious threat to the German people.

Tsarist Russia, the government there, had been driven to distraction in the second half of the 19th century by the constant Jewish plots to overthrow the Romanov monarchy.  The ongoing assassination attempts and the many successful assassinations (of one tsar and many government ministers) is what provoked harsher treatment of Jews during this time.

These 2 nations were marked for total destruction by the Jews.  Thus, we had the monstrous crimes committed in Russia by the Jewish Bolsheviks who hated Christians and Christianity.  We then had the merciless terror bombing of German cities (civilian population centers – a war crime) during the 1940s war, and the very harsh treatment of ethnic Germans after the hostilities were officially said to have ended (the mass rapes in the East, the Morgenthau Plan, the forced and inhumane expulsions of millions of ethnic Germans from formerly German territories in the East, and the POW camps along the Rhine where Eisenhower (by his intentional policies and orders) had at least one million disarmed German soldiers starved after May, 1945).

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