cruelty to animals and “coexistence”

Earlier today, we read a blog post that tells of Muslim youths involved in recent terrorist acts in Australia, and also shows an image that had been posted and spread on Facebook showing smiling middle eastern looking youths with a beheaded animal.  (We will not reblog this deeply disturbing post with the image of the tormented and killed house cat.)


Yoyo says Hi


Evil persons delight in doing evil acts.

We grieve and condemn this sadistic kind of violence done to innocent and defenseless animals.

Facebook needs to do a better job in quickly removing such posts.  These miscreants who post and share/spread such violent images for shock value need to be prevented from gaining the attention they so ardently desire.  Make no mistake, Facebook has the ability to respond quickly.  It has shut down and removed pages and posts that have been deemed “controversial”.

Humans and animals can coexist if and when more humans will stop tormenting animals and stop poaching them for their body parts.  We need humans to act more humanely towards animals, and not delight in their suffering.

As you do any last-minute Christmas shopping over the next few days, keep this in the back of your mind for when you see the automobile bumper stickers in the shopping mall parking lots that read “coexistence” and show various religious symbols.

Is this the kind of diversity we want in Western societies?

If immigrants and refugees are unwilling or incapable of adopting Western values when they enter Western societies, they ought to stay away and remain in their hellish backwater homelands.  More to the point, Westerners have to overcome their moral cowardice and reject open door immigration policies that are designed to undermine Western culture and values.  It is not the color of these recent arrivals’ skin that is the problem – it is their refusal to adopt Western values and their attempts to change the culture of their new host countries.  If immigrants and refugees wish to continue living in an uncivilized manner, they need to be removed from Western nations.  Such removal would go a long way in reducing the frequency of rape and sexual assault in European countries, for example.  As well, FGM would not be occurring in Western countries if these immigrants and refugees would adopt Western values.

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One must realize that individuals who start out with tormenting innocent and defenseless animals often graduate up to attacking and doing great harm to innocent human beings.  Of course, this is encouraged by the bifurcated ethical/moral code found in both Islam and the Talmud (the governing holy book of modern Judaism).  In both Islam and Judaism, harming one’s co-religionists is forbidden.  But, harming the infidel (in Islam) and the goyim (non-Jews, literally “cattle”, in Talmudic Judaism) is not forbidden, and even encouraged in various verses.

For Westerners, both Christians and secularists, the question arises:  Can common ground truly be found with the adherents of Islam and Talmudic Judaism?

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  1. Oh, this is a hot-button issue for me, as my wife and I have a sanctuary for unwanted and abused dogs and cats.

    Vermin such as you describe should be sent back to their homelands post-haste, after a suitable and vigorous chastisement.

    One doesn’t coexist with evil; I worked in a field in which I came into contact with individuals and groups who did not meet expected standards of decency, and, frankly, there was ever only one solution.

    Though a Mongol, in my breast beats the heart of an Englishman, and I fully hew to the line that would have the civilized man bring order and proper manners to the heathen, for in the end our tolerance for the darkness will bring that long night over our own hearth and home.

  2. ‘Coexistence’

    Excellent point.

    When one looks at that bumper-sticker one sees symbols for all the major religions in the world today. And isn’t it ironic that it’s religious conflicts which are killing our world? Particularly the abrahamic religions? Those religions that bring their adherents ‘closer to their gods’ yet farther away from any shred of humanity.

    This is what happens when people put their ‘faith’ in things unseen – they lose sight of everything real around them.

    Thank you for your thoughts, and sticking up for those who cannot speak on their own behalf…😊👍🏻

    1. Thanks opposition_x for your comment. I would merely opine that the problem is not in putting one’s faith in things unseen, but rather people failing to let reason govern their religious fervor. Islam may actually be a violent ideology cloaked in a thin veneer of religiosity, rather than a religion. Violent atheistic ideologies (Bolshevism, Maoism) killed many millions during the 20th century.

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