death as an advisor

The constraint of our mortality can serve us if we bear it in mind.  We all have a limited time left in our lives.  We cannot know precisely how much time we have left to us, but we do know that at some future point death will claim us.  (For the young, it may seem that death is like centuries away in a far distant future.)



By bearing in mind that our time is a very precious and finite resource (that is not replaceable), we can determine for ourselves (as individuals) what our priorities are, what is of true value to us, and what actions we ought to pursue in our lives.  In light of our fleeting time on Earth, many pursuits and many complaints appear petty and ought to be abandoned or let go of.  There is an opportunity cost to how we choose to spend our time and effort (in the time that is ours to spend, i.e. when we are not in the daily grind of earning a living).  For example, if you choose to play around with your hi-tech gadgetry (iPhones) for an hour this evening, that same hour cannot be used to read a story to your child.

Using death as an advisor and being cognizant of our mortality does not mean that we cannot maintain a certain detachment from the daily irritants that we all encounter in life.  But, do not be merely a spectator to life, watching it pass by.  Rather, be active and get involved.  Try to make a positive difference in the lives of others around you and in your own life by making loving choices.  Personal growth comes not solely from contemplation, study and reflection, but also from interactions with other persons and from life experiences.

The above advice can be helpful to you even if you are a materialist in the sense of denying the spiritual, and are believing that the electro chemical jelly (also known as the brain) is the source of consciousness rather than being a filter for consciousness (to facilitate biological survival).  Blogger’s note: We have previously written on this blog that we believe that mind transcends brain.

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