We have been driven to the conclusion that our long-term needs and interests are not served by living any longer in our current home town of San Francisco.  The reasons for this are many and diverse.  We will merely say that the continuance of, and doubling down on failed “progressive” policies means that this city, and the state it is located in as well, lacks the know-how and the will to solve its many social problems.  The continuing diktats emanating from Sacramento (the location of much of the state government) are becoming more than just tiresome or irksome to endure.  We choose not to suffer the control freaks of the Left micromanaging our lives for the long term.



Thus, we are beginning to research possible locations to move to in the next couple of years.  As you all no doubt know, moving is a major chore, really a large set of tedious tasks that take much effort.  Yet, if we do not make the sacrifice now in the near term, we will never achieve a more satisfactory situation for ourselves for the longer term.  Many factors are being weighed and considered in a prospective location to call home in the future.  Several key factors for us are: cost of living (mainly the cost of real estate, of houses and the land on which these sit), climate/weather, elevation (we wish to avoid too high an elevation with its thin air), size of city, level of state taxation, mindset or political climate of the state (avoidance of hard Left politics and social engineering). 

The one advantage we have, my wife and I, is that we will be retiring so that procuring suitable employment will not be necessary as part of this relocation.

We are looking into and considering the central portion of the US, within Central Time Zone (GMT minus 6 hours).  This means that we would be trading living with the threat of major earthquakes for the possibility of tornadoes.  No place is perfect.

Of course, there is some anxiety for us considering the enormity of the task ahead of us.  We will look at it as a challenge.  And, as we do not feel very comfortable in the city wherein we now reside, one might say we are feeling a little homesick for a place to call home and be comfortable with.  Change of location can be an opportunity for new experiences and meeting new people.  We look forward to the transition when the time comes, and are hopeful for the future.  Yet, there are no guarantees in this life as to happiness and success.  The best researched plans may not lead us to success.  But, we are optimistic.  When confronted with a situation that cannot be changed and is on balance quite negative relative to other possible situations, one needs to seek to move from the negative to the positive if at all possible.

We feel badly for the young children here in California.  As they grow into adulthood, they will be facing more serious challenges than their parents did.  Those that can and desire to will likely consider leaving the state for better prospects elsewhere.  The Golden State is not the way it was a few decades back.  The bloom is definitely off the rose, but the thorns remain.

Now, on to other topics.

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