life is a process of becoming

He knows changes aren’t permanent
But change is!

 – Geddy Lee of the rock band, Rush, from the song, Tom Sawyer.

Life is a process of becoming and we are all works in progress.  If we believe that to be accurate, then perhaps we ought to pay more attention to the process and not fixate nor obsess on the destination or outcome nearly so much.  If we work constructively with and in (within?) the process, won’t we in due time reach the preferred destination?  If we consciously choose the rights steps or better yet, the correct path, the outcome will take care of itself so to speak.

Let’s get the feature images out of the way before proceeding.  These images were captured with the camera held below the level of the plant.  The camera is “looking” upwards.



This beautiful and very long-lived flowering house plant blooms 2, and sometimes even 3, times in a year.  During the time that the plant blooms, it gives examples of blossoms at various stages of breaking out.  We can often see buds, early small blossoms, and then larger not yet fully open blossoms, and also fully developed blossoms all on various parts of the plant at the same time, all in the process of becoming.



Being a process, there will be missteps along the way in life.  What a person can do is to learn from one’s missteps and forgive one’s self for these.  Of course, there is no better medicine than preventive medicine.  Thus, we ought to strive to avoid making mistakes.  This can be made easier by reining in our emotions as best we can and making more level-headed rational decisions.  Keeping a cool head is sage advice for the stressful situations that we pass through.  As well, a little humility can help us here.  We ought not think we possess all the wisdom that we need.  Seek out those who care for you and who are likely more knowledgeable through their life experiences and consider their counsel.

Learning to forgive one’s self is difficult, but so very necessary for progressing beyond the bad mistakes.  Unless and until you forgive yourself for screwing up, you will be stuck at the point of pain and not be able to make progress towards becoming the person you want to become.  This is true for those who have hurt you.   Forgive them so as not to allow their wrong(s) to continue to hurt you and slow or retard your progress.

It is best to not allow missteps to divert us on to the wrong path.  In other words, do not remain engaged in self-destructive (and/or destructive of others) behaviors.  Do not let mistakes become bad habits.  For example, if you have or have had a substance abuse problem or suffer a harmful sexual addiction, seek help to break the pattern of behavior.  If you allow yourself to become trapped in harmful or bad habits, you will be progressing along the wrong path.  The “highs” are so very short-lived and the harm these do to us is very long-lived.  That is the reality.

As to resolutions (we are after all approaching the solar new year – or actually for those in the northern hemisphere it can be said that that occurred on the winter solstice last week, but I digress), make the conscious effort to keep these.  There are 2 things worth keeping in mind about resolutions or plans for self betterment.  First, make these realistic and attainable goals.  Second, do not expect perfect execution of your chosen resolutions.  The important thing is to keep at them.  For example, if your resolution is to get in better physical shape during the new year, then do start a program to achieve that.  Do not be discouraged with yourself if circumstances, from time to time, come about that prevent you from going to the gym or going outside and running (or whatever means you might use – and, come to think of it, shoveling snow is a form of physical exercise).  Rather work at building time for exercise into your daily and weekly routines.  Once you are in the habit of exercising regularly, an occasional missed trip to the gym is not really going to detract from your progress.  This is true for whatever your personal goal or resolution is.  Building the necessary behavior into a habit is the key.  When I was heavily into conditioning with the weights many years ago, I actually felt badly when I could not work out.  You will find that you make sacrifices so that you can fit the necessary time into your hectic schedule.  Once you are up to speed, in the habit of making regular effort and progress towards a goal, you will find it is easy to stay on track and continue making the regular effort.  The hard part is getting into that routine.  Once there, it is fairly easy to stick with your goals.

The moral of the story is try, do try to live both consciously and constructively.  Realize that none of us are perfect and that we all do make mistakes.  But, by concentrating on our ongoing participation in the process, and continuing our efforts, over time we can and will become more loving persons.

other thoughts

As to package thieves who steal delivered packages from the doorsteps of homes during the holiday season, we are reminded that there are 2 kinds of people in our society, in every society.  There are those who know and accept that stealing is wrong, and therefore will avoid stealing even when there is little likelihood they would be caught and punished for their actions.  There are others who need the compulsion, the deterrent, offered by the law and the imminent threat of punishment to refrain from committing acts of theft.  For these people, if no one is looking, they will take advantage of every opportunity.  The fact that there are so many thieves in our society today is an indication of the current social decay and is not, as the whining Left would assert, an indication of a failure of capitalism.  If capitalism had failed, there would be few packages worth stealing.  (Parents make the attempt to teach your children right from wrong.  Not all children will be receptive to the message, but please make the attempt.)

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