forbidden critique: must read essays for understanding the threats facing us

We now link to a few essays on social, cultural and political critique by another blogger that contain good analysis and insights and challenge our thinking.

The first essay dissects Leftist ideology quite well.

fractal wrongness of Leftist ideology

Here are some conclusions (from the above linked essay) that challenge our thinking.

“Leftism is a religion disguised as a socio-political movement.

“Islam is a socio-political movement disguised as a religion.”


The next linked post tells us of the current state of academia in the US.  (We have lamented this current state of higher education previously here on our blog.)  Parents note: this is what your tuition dollar is buying these days.

acceptance of communist thinking among US college students


This last article contains a schematic or table telling of the diverse harm that fatherless families cause to the social fabric and to individual persons.  The article also contains some very thought provoking and sure to be controversial analysis on the present state of Western societies.

political correctness and the destruction of the social order


Please feel free to pass on or share these links to those you know who are concerned with trying to save the future for our children and grandchildren from the near terminal societal decay all around us.




Now, we move on to other topics with our very own original content.

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