When will you stop blogging?

Should a blogger continue blogging if it is no longer fun?


Should readers take you seriously?

Why wouldn’t they?


Does it bother or trouble you that so few people read your posts?

How many great or worthy writers have been fully appreciated during their lifetimes?


Why is it that your most frequently read posts week after week are about sex in marriage?

Have these blogsite visitors bothered to peruse the archives to sample the wide range of our writing?

How about a more in-depth answer?

Are we men and women not more than merely sexual beings, more than our primal, persistent, instinctual sexual urge?   Or, is spirit trying to tell us something through our desire for sexual connection with our spouse?  Is sexual intimacy one of those activities where the intersection of mind, body and spirit is poignantly manifest, where spirit and matter are both at play?


Should you thank or credit Mark Kurlansky’s book, What?, for this approach to writing, that of answering questions with more questions?

Can we determine if he was original in this approach?  Did I agree with everything he wrote in that book?  How could I?


Have you ever noticed how statements are often embedded within questions?

Is “Why did you kill him?” a good example of that?


Are there any last thoughts for your readers?

Why ask why?


Ought we include a feature image here?



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