being in the right place and life lessons from football

A twofer today as it is Tuesday here (GMT minus 8 hours).

being in the right place

You can still hear this early 1970s song on oldies radio stations from time to time.  It goes something like this:  “I been in the right place, but it must have been the wrong time.”  (see the lyrics from this Dr. John song here )

Does that not happen to all of us during the course of our lives?  Not getting the lucky break or not achieving our objectives by not being at the right place at the right time is tough.  We can all reflect on our own experiences here.  One example is coming out of school in the depths of an economic recession and thereby finding that finding a decent job can be a real bitch.

What is a person to do?

Well, first do not go to pieces.  Rather, learn to roll, so to speak, with the punches life throws at you.  There are times when life smacks you upside your head, and you need to smack it back.  Mental toughness is difficult at times, but it can often make the difference between long-term success and ultimate failure.

Our feature image is of one of the captivating views to be found in Arches National Park in eastern Utah.  We really ought to get around to posting the remaining images from our holiday to Utah in May, 2016.



life lessons from football

Risks are inherent in just living, in everyday life.  I could cross the street tomorrow and be struck and killed by the proverbial bus.  Then I would be in the wrong place for sure, or perhaps the right place but at the wrong time!

As a nominal football fan who likes to see different teams in the mix rather than the same old teams year after year, and as a cat person, how could I not root or cheer for the Jaguars this past Sunday?

Until late in the first half, it looked very good for Jacksonville.  A needless delay of game penalty after a time out broke their offensive momentum and likely cost them some points.  Then, after their opponent (Patriots) scored, the Jags chose not to attempt to move the ball down the field in the final minute of play.  Why not try to do so?  A possible field goal would have helped their cause.  Was it from fear of a turnover which might give the Pats another chance for a quick score by halftime?

In the second half, the Jaguars did not look as sharp on offense as they had earlier in the game.  They seemed to lack the drive to make progress and put points on the scoreboard.  The offense was playing not to lose the game through mistakes (such as turnovers, they wanted to avoid the possibility of these).  But, that is not a winning strategy in a relatively close (by point count) contest.  This appears to be the reason they lost the game.  The defense held that potent Patriot offense to 24 points.  I don’t think pundits or fans can fault the Jaguars’ defense. 

There are times when not taking a risk, not taking a chance is more risky and more costly than taking a risk.  Opportunity costs, and lost opportunities must be considered in our decision-making process.  This can be and often is true in both sports and in life in general.  This is one lesson we can take from this football game.

Another lesson to ponder is the old adage that the best defense is a good offense.  The strategy in a championship football game ought to be trying to score every time you get possession of the ball.  No, your team is not going to be able to score each and every time they have the ball, but by trying harder each and every time the team is more likely to put more points on the score board than otherwise.  As well, the more time the offensive unit is on the field, the more time your defense has to rest and catch its breath.  Even more to the point, if your offense is successful in keeping and moving the ball on long drives, your opponent’s offensive unit is kept off the field and prevented from scoring.  The best defense is a good and effective offense.  This holds true on the battlefield, too.

The life lesson here is that we must keep striving towards our goal(s), and not slack off and not rest on our laurels so to speak.  Over confidence can be our undoing if we are not careful.  Work on the process well, and good results can be achieved.  But, do not take success for granted.

Our thoughts for the Jaguars after their tough loss on Sunday are these.  If you keep the key players together, keep the team intact, and learn this season’s lessons, you may be going to the big game next time around.  If you do, kindly bring your curvaceous cheerleading crew, known as The Roar, with you.

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