Leftist Utopia California Leads US in Poverty Rate

This reblogged post may be of interest to some readers. We suggest that you click on the linked to article for more reasons why CA is no utopia, and continues on an inexorable decline. It does not help that the state government subsidizes millions of illegal aliens in the state. Food for thought.


It is shocking that the home of Silicon Valley and much of the nation’s GDP is tops in poverty rate, but this is what happens in most leftist Utopias: you have a few haves and many have-nots.

Three key policy decisions made years ago in California has caused this. First, California has a huge entrenched government bureaucracy that has created incentives to put and keep people on assistance: that is what big-government does. Next, California has millions of undeveloped acres of land but has become beholden to rich, corrupt environmental groups and thus has some of the most restrictive land-use regulations in America. The result is very expensive real estate. Finally, these same corrupt environmentalists have successfully enacted draconian “clean” energy regulations, making the cost of energy higher in California than any place else in the country. For people on the lower end of the income spectrum housing and energy…

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  1. Insane leftist policies like this will continue, only because leftists are seemingly incapable of dealing with the truth! When facts and figures don’t conform to their blissful socialist dream world, they just dismiss them as “right-wing propaganda”. Leftists just refuse to deal with reality, which is why can be accurately described as being psychotic – or as one who is detached from reality.

    1. Schizophrenic, perhaps, yes. Don’t bother those on the Left with facts; they are too interested in, or obsessed with ideology, dogmatic ideology.

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