The War on Men

It must be Reblog Friday. This is a good post. Guys, do not apologize for being men, masculine men. After all, you were born that way. Seek and hang out with women who respect and value masculinity.


“There is something sinister taking place: a giant reeducation campaign aimed at turning boys and young men into total pussies.

Not only are we under chemical assault from plastic products and foods that lower testosterone, we’re mass unwitting participants in a huge social engineering experiment based around vilifying masculinity and demoralizing men, and the #MeToo Movement has been co-opted to serve that agenda.

What kind of warped scheme needs to dilute or destroy masculinity and traditional gender roles to succeed? One that seeks to completely annihilate the fundamental structure of western society so the annihilators can completely remake it in their own image.

This is about the pursuit of raw power. This is Marxism re-branded. Identity politics. The very ideology that belittles and denigrates men, particularly white men, is just a new form of an old Marxist trick; Divide and Conquer

These postmodernists are so pathological, so deranged…

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  1. As men are becoming more feminized, women are becoming more ugly and confrontational, to the point where I can’t imagine either sex ever wanting to marry and have children anymore. This is a direct attack not just on Western civilization, but the entire natural order of things. It is utterly diabolical, and I for one can’t understand why anyone would want to support it.

      1. Good article. What I am at a loss to explain is why many men these days actively pursue traits that make them appear weak and ineffectual, when just the opposite is occurring in women. To a certain degree I can understand this, as there IS a long history of men physically and sexually abusing women, which is clearly wrong. But by the same token, I have personally experienced psychological abuse from at least three women I have been involved with, that can be just as damaging. I refused to put up with it, and frankly would far prefer to live alone than continue dealing with it. Just because you know abuse is wrong doesn’t mean you should allow yourself to become a doormat. Women can be abusers also.

        And I agree with the basic premise of that article – feminism is turning man-hating women into men, which ultimately will have the result of women only hating themselves! Hence the depression that follows pursuing feminism.

        The basic moral to this story is that all of us should learn to accept ourselves as we are, and not try to change something which is baked into our genes. It just won’t work in the long run.

      2. Thanks Stephen for your comment.

        Yes, women can be abusers, too. We seem to have a normative ideal in our collective psyche in the US that women are naturally good, kind, innocent, etc. This conflicts with the reality that women are quite capable of being selfish and can be prone to engaging in self-destructive behaviors. I do not think we do a good job of raising our daughters in this country. This goes back a very long way. Even before the hijacking of feminism in the 1960s by the Jewesses Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug and Gloria Steinem (half Jewish), we were spoiling our girls in the US. Parents, too often, instilled this idea that the man, the suitor, must be worthy or “good enough” for the hand of the young woman. This was done without teaching girls to be worthy wives who value and work with their husbands. It may be that there was a synergy of sorts with feminism and this preferential treatment girls received in the home serving to really screw with young women’s minds. It is not good to spoil males or females in their upbringing. In Asia, they spoil the male children (China, India, etc.). In the West, we spoil the girls.

        (On a tangent, I have had a few serious disagreements with pro-lifers over this idea of theirs (or at least among many of them) that abortion is almost solely a man’s problem. They say that abortion is caused by sexually irresponsible men. Yet, unless we assume that all these out of wedlock pregnancies are the result of rapes, women do play a role by being sexually irresponsible themselves. I call to their attention the fact that demand creates its own supply concerning abortion. Who is demanding abortion? Women are. Thus, abortion will not end in America until women – en masse – reject it. I encourage the various pro-life groups to work on the demand side of the equation rather than focusing all their efforts exclusively on the supply side by attempting to defund Planned Parenthood.)

      3. Women won’t reject abortion as long as they consider the unborn baby to be “part of their body”, and therefore something only they have authority over. “Pro-choice” advocates are really only giving themselves an excuse to be sexually promiscuous, and that’s about it. They really have little regard for anybody else, even their own babies!

        Conservative women, such as almost every female on the Fox News Channel, are almost universally opposed to abortion, because they clearly see it as the murder of their own babies! This is about as dreadful a thing as any normally-functioning woman could ever dream of in their lives. Perhaps the reason why we are seeing feminist women in droves these days is because they have all had abortions in their past, and taking up the “pro-choice” mantra is the only way they could overcome the enormous guilt that comes with having an abortion.

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