There are no international Remembrance Days for the many other cases of mega murders that occurred throughout the 20th century.



By many accounts, there were more than 100 million human beings (outside of the womb) murdered in the horrific 20th century.  Yet, very little is written about these other mega atrocities.  You will not see television documentaries or Hollywood movies made about these.  It is a very serious failing of Western historiography that significant events are buried or ignored and are not brought to light to students of history.  Why this is so is for the reader to ponder.  The below linked essays may help to give readers a better appreciation of what the history texts have left out.

Given that the world’s attention is frequently directed to the Jewish holocaust of the 1940s, and so little attention is directed at other holocausts of the 20th century, one might ask: why the exclusivity or specialness of Jewish suffering?  Why is Jewish suffering (alleged or actual) so much more important to note than the suffering of other peoples?

A disclaimer is appropriate here.  Our linking to the below 2 articles from other blogs does not imply agreement with every article or point of view to be found on these blogs.  As there are few online sources on these topics, we found these blogs to be helpful for bringing these little known facts to the public’s attention.

Mike Walsh has recently posted a short essay about the other holocausts that we hear so little about, and offers a reason why we do not read or hear of these.

other holocausts that we do not hear about


Just as there were other holocausts, there were other villains or mega murderers that we rarely, or never read or hear about.  More specifically, we citizens of the Western world almost never read of or hear of the mega murderers (who committed terrible crimes against humanity) who were ethnic Jews.

For those interested in this area of historical inquiry, see this article posted the other day on another blog site.

Jewish mass murderers in the 20th century


We should point out that asking such taboo or “controversial” questions and reading such articles by other writers or researchers does not by default make one “anti-Semitic”.  However, we ought to advise “reader discretion” for the Christian Zionists who may perchance stumble upon this post.

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