Wednesday wisdom: body and spirit

The body steadily grows old and weakens.  Physical beauty fades.  Disease slowly gains the advantage.  The flesh rots.

Yet, the soul is eternally young.  When the soul departs, of course the body crumbles to dust.

Staying “young at heart” is simply realizing that death is an illusion* and in each moment of life there is a chance for joy.

* a transition, a rite of passage, but not “the end”


Your consciousness continues to stream

While you dream

Please pass the cream



doing something for the world

A neophyte asked Ramana Maharshi (d. 1950) how could he help the world, or help humanity.  Ramana’s answer went like this: if you want to  do something for the world (i.e. help to make the world a better place) start by doing something for yourself.  The meaning is that when we work to make ourselves better, more loving individuals we will be helping the world.  Start within.

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