For rebloig Friday, we offer this post. We, in the US, do not get much “news” about what is really happening in Europe these days. (Reader discretion is advised.) Rapes are occurring worldwide, and governments of all nations (and NGOs, too) need to do more to prevent, deter and punish rape and sexual assaults, and to help victims.

In Sweden, we see an example of the current feminist government failing to protect women because of a fanatical and unreasoning adherence to ideology and political correctness. This putting ideology ahead of public safety is absolutely intolerable. Where are the Swedish men? Can they not protect and defend their wives, daughters, sisters, etc.?!


Anti-White media and Facebook received a humiliating slap in the face after their failed attempt to form a defensive ring around gangs of marauding rapists.

Crowd-Funding Kickstarter refused to add a book exposing refugee rape gangs submitted by an applicant. The author, a Swedish Conservative parliamentary candidate, is writing an eagerly awaited book about the horrific level of rape carried out by non-Swedes. Media were jubilant at the denial of service and Facebook blocked the author.


Media’s bid to form a defensive cordon around gangs of rapists spectacularly failed. Kickstarter’s embargo resulted in a torrent of private donations greatly exceeding the journalist’s initial goal.

BookCoverImage (3)Purchase on Amazon

Earlier, Ann Heberlein’s project for her upcoming book Rape and Culture a Survey of Group Rape was closed down following numerous trolls playing the racist card.  Before the service denial, Heberlein managed to attract a total of 161,704 Kroner ($21,500), still far short of the target of the 400,000 ($51,000).

An orchestrated…

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