The Bad War and related thoughts

If we are to be able to prevent and work against war in the future, we must have a better understanding of the wars of the past, especially those most destructive wars known as world wars.  We need to recognize the forces and special interests that work to cause wars, expose them and defeat them.

When we read that books are banned, we recall the words of Voltaire:

‘To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.’

This book, The Bad War: The Truth Never Taught About World War 2, by M.S. King, (copyright 2015, 2nd edition 2017, 308 pages) was banned on Amazon last March (2017).*  There can be no denying that in Western historiography, there is an entrenched bias against Germany and Germans.  This bias is so strong that one version of history about the 1930s and 1940s is enforced in academia and in public discourse.  This victors’ version of events serves to keep the people ignorant of the larger issues involved in the struggle that was the Second World War.  We recommend this book because of its non-biased, comprehensive treatment of World War II and the events that led up to it.  It is past time for the people of the world to have the whole story.

* We purchased our copy late last year from an online revisionist bookstore.  Here is a link to where you can buy this book in the US: The Bad War

Interested readers can also read some of this book online, as well as make a purchase of either the PDF version or the hard copy version of the book here:  The Bad War at



Why the constant and almost universal condemnation and demonizing of Adolf Hitler and the German people since the 1940s?  Apart from the incessant harping on the holocaust (of European Jewry) ** which is blamed on Hitler, what do you or anyone you know really know (or think you know) about the man and his policies?

While pointing out that any discussion of the official holocaust tale is forbidden, Mr. King give us this insight on page 273:

“Adolf Hitler nearly smashed the New World Order.  It is for this reason that he must forever be portrayed in the public mind as the most evil and wretched monster who ever lived.”


** After years of reading the well-documented research of others (James Bacque’s books for one example, and A C Grayling’s Among the Dead Cities for another example among others) about the horrific crimes and unbelievable outrages committed against the German civilians and soldiers by the Allies (US, UK, USSR) both during and after the war (Allied terror bombing of cities campaign, post war murders, mass rapes, tortures, starving, orphaned children, expulsions from territories, etc.) which resulted in the deaths of between 12 and 15 million Germans, I and a growing number of others have come to the conclusion that the real holocaust was committed against the Germans.  You will not read of these heinous crimes in mainstream history-cum-propaganda text books.  Any discussion of Allied atrocities is historical heresy!  See the link below for Hellstorm (warning: not for the squeamish).  Consider the Red Army’s bestial barbarities that beggar belief, and that cry out to Heaven for justice!  Allegedly Christian nations (the Western democracies) were moved to a psychotic hatred of the enemy’s civilian population.

The book is organized into 8 sections.  It traces the roots of the global conflagrations of the 20th century back to 1848.  The sections of the book progress in chronological order from 1848 forward.  This historical context for understanding the war is critical.  Both world wars were the culmination of many forces and processes acting over many years, even over generations.  The communist seizure of power in Russia is given appropriate coverage as many Westerners do not know the full story about it.

For those who have heard of the “hinge factor” in history, one such example is the election in 1912 of the stooge, Woodrow Wilson, as President of the US.  Without former president, Teddy Roosevelt, splitting the vote in his 3rd party run for president, it is likely that President Taft would have been re-elected.  Wilson only received 41 per cent of the popular vote in this 3 way race.  Wilson served his masters well and helped the “Progressive” movement to early successes.  He helped to give us the Federal Reserve (a major victory for the banksters), the personal income tax, and US involvement in World War One and the punitive and unwise Versailles Treaty.  King points much of this out in his book with supporting facts.  How things might have been different if Wilson never becomes president!

The infamous Balfour Declaration (Palestine for the Zionists) was the price Britain paid for the aid of Jewish interests in the US helping to bring America into the war on the side of the Allies in 1917.  Europeans did not benefit from prolonging the war in Europe and ought to have accepted the quite reasonable German peace offers of late 1916.  But, British pride and arrogance and covetous mercantile policies combined with Jewish intrigue made certain that the war would go on and involve the US as well.

The interwar period is covered well and brings to light many historical facts not widely known to Western students of history.  Ignorant idealists in the West thought that communism was a good thing.  The truth of communism in practice is very different from the hopes of the idealists.  Ongoing Jewish agitation in Britain and in the US for war with Germany is discussed.  The many lies and conflict provoking actions of FDR are noted.  Polish atrocities against ethnic Germans prior to and just after the war broke out on 1 September, 1939 are brought to light.  (I bet these last 3 items are new for many readers.)

Skipping ahead to the post war period (1945  to the present), we see that the United Nations is a vehicle by which the powers behind the scenes hope to achieve one world government, which after all is the end point of globalism.

A couple of quotes from the introduction are included here to stimulate interest.

” . . . Every medium of mass indoctrination has been harnessed to the task of training the obedient masses as to what the proper view of this event should be.”  – page 8, by event he is referring to World War II.


“The objective of life is not to be on the side of the majority,  but to escape finding oneself in the ranks of the insane.” – quoting Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, page 9.


moral of the story or lessons learned

The struggle confronting the nations and the peoples of the world appears to be that of globalism versus nationalism.  Do not delude yourself with any utopian fantasies here.  A one world government, given the moral frailty of human beings, would be a tyranny, a despotism by an elite ruling clique.

Ever wonder why any nationalist sentiment, or nationalist movement or political party anywhere in the world, especially the Western world, is quickly branded as “Nazi” or fascist, or racist, or “anti-Semitic”?  Makes one wonder who rules over us.

Are we lacking sufficient nuance?

I would like to draw a parallel here between the US today and the Germany of the 1920s, Weimar Germany.  In post World War One Germany, Jews were extremely disproportionately represented in many professions and fields of endeavor.  Thus, Jews had a very strong influence over German life and culture at the time.  The German people recognized that the Jews, with their revolutionary nature or psychopathology (previously discussed on this blog) were working to subvert German politics, social life, morals and culture.  (Most Communist leaders and agitators were Jews.)  This is why many Germans desired the removal of the Jews from German life (by the resettlement plan to relocate Jews to the East during the Second World War).  Consider that when Hitler became Chancellor early in 1933, the so-called Frankfurt School (aka The Institute for Social Research, largely consisting of Jewish social revolutionaries) was relocated to the US.  A few decades later, in the 1960s, the fruits of this school’s activities ripened in the so-called sexual revolution which has served to nearly destroy the traditional nuclear family as the basic social unit of society.  If you do not see the harm this has done to society and to many millions of individuals, you are in a state of denial.

In the US, it is no secret which ethnic group largely controls and directs the society and the national government.  Which group owns and runs the mainstream print, television and radio news media?  Which ethnic group has long controlled Hollywood movies and television programming? – When watching reruns of classic TV shows from the 1960s and 1970s, pay attention to the credits as to producers, directors, writers, etc.  Which group largely runs that most powerful part of the economy, the banking industry?  Who benefits from the wars the US fights in the Middle East?  (The US does not need oil from that region as it has enough of its own.)  And, who controls “conservative” talk radio in the US?

The difference between Germany in the 1920s and America today is that then many Germans saw which group was working for its own interests at their (the Germans) expense whereas Americans have not, in sufficient numbers, come to recognize or appreciate this zero sum game.  This recognition failure is largely due to the debate being controlled, censored and stifled through the shrill calls or screams of “anti-Semitism”, and by banning books.  It does not help that Christian Zionism, a heretical strain of American Protestantism, has infected the minds of 70 million Americans.


It ought to make people angry that there is effective censorship of historical facts and open discussion by powerful special interests in our society.  We ought to be free to read independent research, and form our own opinions and reach our own conclusions.  Critical thinking and open discussion are not to be prohibited in a free society.

We are all born innocently ignorant.  If we remain in ignorance, it is the result of the choices we make.  One of the costs of an ignorant citizenry is the ease with which those who pull the strings, the puppet masters, can continue manipulating us in their zero sum game.

If ignorance is bliss for you, then do not read this book.  If, however, you eschew ignorance and apathy and wish to break from the herd, from group think, then buy a copy and read it.  (An online search can still turn up a few sites that sell this book.)

Here is a link for more on crimes committed against the Germans:

Update 25 May 2019:  Here is a video blurb (less than 4 minutes long) about this book’s subject matter.



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  1. Looks like it would be a good book, Larry. I’ve seen the Hellstorm documentary. It’s very good. I think there is good reason to question everything we’ve been told about World War II in every history book that has been published. If the corporate-owned news media would lie to us, why would the corporate-owned book publishers be any different?

    1. Thanks Richard for your thoughtful comment. As to the corporate-owned book publishers, yet again, and not surprisingly we find a very disproportionate ownership of these publishers by ethnic Jews. That helps to explain why these “controversial” books on history are published by very small, independent companies.

    1. We recently included the (new) link in the article (above) to an online source in the US for that book. It may also be available over on King’s site, Tomato Bubble.

  2. Great review and great book The Bad War! I’m reading it again to brush up on some things and every time I read it I glean more precious info. What makes the booklet tops in its field is the way its presented by date of event which makes a search of a topic better. When done reading you will see that the allies backed the wrong country, and Hitler would of been the best choice for Europe.
    Like Patton said we defeated the wrong enemy. Churchill also said we slaughtered the wrong pig.

    Definitely recommend this book/booklet and if you have the time pick up Ben Bradberry’s
    book The Myth of German Villainy, another excellent all encompassing read.
    Another great read is The Truth about World War 1 and 2 by Terrence Smart, a free pdf download, not sure about it being published as a book yet….and then all the books which are also free downloads at the
    site. The TRUTH is out there but the powers to be are doing the best they can to keep people away from this precious truth.

    By the way….
    Youtube has banned 5 of my youtube sites in the last three months, and restrict the viewing of most of them in 42 countries, and counting . Vimeo deleted 3 of our paying acccounts, and I expect my last youtube sites one listed below will be taken down in the purge at some point in time.
    Some of my videos are here below but considering I’ve produced over a thousand videos, over the last 10 years, or so so these sites are small potatoes….but better than nothing.
    If you replace hooktube with youtube it will go to youtube site.

    Jim Rizoli
    My contact is 508-875-0835 if you need to talk
    Web presence for now until they shut these sites down.

    1. This comment was in the blog’s spam folder. I do check the folder before purging. We do not usually allow so many links to a comment, but this one time only we make an exception.

      1. Your review of the book The
        Bad War I was really good thank you I actually sent it out to several other sites.


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