We Homeschool, Not School At Home

An interesting perspective on home schooling. We applaud the efforts of parents who home school their children. This reblogged post has some helpful insights for parents whose children do attend public or private schools. There are many learning and socializing opportunities outside of the classroom.

Here is a similar piece by the same author who has now resurfaced with another blog (see comment below).




  1. HOMESCHOOLINGThen I Realized, I Was Doing it All Wrong

    February 8, 2018Melissa

    When I first started homeschooling, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing. I didn’t know anyone who home schooled and I didn’t know where to start. So I did what many do today, I went to Pinterest! Other moms made it look so easy, I thought I could do this. Well as the days turned into weeks, curriculum changed as often as the weather I started to doubt my ability to teach my children successfully.

    Why did it seem to work for everyone else but me? Both parents and children were excited to do school work meanwhile I felt like I was at a constant battle just to get assignments done. I didn’t get it. I had schedules for each subject for each child, I had a grading system ready, I had good curriculum, I even had a planner that had assignments planned for the week and a few weeks ahead. It wasn’t long before I figured out I was doing it all wrong.

    I was arranging our home school like a public school. I had every single thing planned like you would expect in a public school environment. Class periods were scheduled, assignments were actually quite dull and boring which resulted in changing our curriculum often. I soon discovered the Charlotte Mason method of homeschooling. As I researched more about this particular method, I realized that perhaps this is what we were looking for.

    My girls are very hands on children. They like going outside, exploring, trying to figure things out, like what a particular snake is based on the markings. They enjoy being out in nature, in God’s creation and learning the things that God has blessed this beautiful planet with. Then after we began homesteading we realized just how beneficial the Charlotte Mason method was for our family. Though we are not exclusively Charlotte Mason based, we incorporate as much of her methods as we can throughout our day and throughout all of our activities.

    Though this method may not be for everyone, I have found that for our daughters, it has given them the opportunity to learn the things they are most interested in. Our 13 year old wants to be a veterinarian for farm animals and with our farm animals gives her the opportunity to learn more while interacting with them on a daily basis. Our 6 year old is interested in plants and flowers. Our garden has given her a great understanding of plant development, plants that are best for the area where we live, pollination, and the importance of bees in the grand scheme of things.

    What I have loved most about this method is that it is also teaching our daughters how to be more self-sufficient and taking responsibility in doing things such as household chores. This method has offered a peace in our home school that we were not experiencing before and now there is not much of a fight to get school work done because our day is not planned out hour by hour. Sure we have to keep track of hours of schooling, but education happens more than within the confines of a book. There is a great big world out there waiting to be discovered and children have just the minds and desires to do so. Want to see a child flourish? Let them lead the learning and see their world begin to expand in glorious ways.

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