It is reblog Friday, and here is an interesting piece. How did humans get along for thousands of years prior to this Facebook? Were not families and human social interactions better and more real before it arrived on the scene? Virtual interactions are not a good way to socialize our children.

Doug Smith

pinocchio-2917652_960_720by Schwerdhoefer, CC0 Creative Commons

Facebook is on the hot seat these days. With claims of being a “living, breathing crime scene,” former leaders who say it is “ripping apart” society, and calls to kill a new product because of its danger to children, all is not well at the world’s most powerful social media empire.

In response to recent criticism, Facebook’s Minister of Propaganda Director of Global Safety Antigone Davis appeared on CBS This Morning to promote the company’s messaging. You can watch the 5 minute CBS segment here.

Davis’ every answer is filled with carefully crafted propaganda. Yes, propaganda. Many people will be taken in by it because it is so compelling and emotionally powerful. I hope you’ll keep reading so you and your family won’t be deceived by it.

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