remember that your lover or spouse is not perfect

Some fruits are sweet, and some fruits are sour or even a little bitter, but the salad is good for you.



It seems, at times, that we have a fairy tale concept of our spouses and of relationships.  We think, hope and/or expect that our spouse will be perfect, and will continually meet our every need and desire day after day.  There really ought be no down side to our marriage relationship.  No disappointments, no friction, no stresses, and no problems.  After all, many fairy tales ended with the line “. . . and they lived happily ever after.”  Yet, even this line does not assert that “they” were continuously happy every waking moment they were together.

Reality check: your spouse or lover is not perfect, is not ever going to be perfect.  There is a need to manage your own expectations and demands you place upon your spouse.  That said. both spouses need to commit to making the ongoing, continuing sacrifices and efforts that it takes to make a marriage succeed.  Marriage is not an easy proposition.  It never was in the distant past, and it won’t be in the dim future.  But, it is not the traditional institution of marriage (i.e . one man and one woman who commit to each other for life) that is flawed.  Do not buy into the harmful nonsense currently circulating in a dying Western world about marriage.  What is needed in these terrible times is more individuals, both men and women, of character strength to make their marriages work – for their mutual benefit and for the benefit of their children.

random query

Can a woman who “shacks up”, cohabitates with a man out-of-wedlock have a reasonable expectation of sexual fidelity or “faithfulness” from that man – in these times of sexual liberation or hedonistic licentiousness?  We have heard from women who were aghast when they found out that their partner had cheated on them.  Perhaps, women cheat themselves in part by being so quick to live with a man they may not know very well even though they may enjoy exciting sex with him.

Look deeper than just sexual attraction.

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