“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Although the above quote is often credited to Voltaire, who died two years before the start of the French Revolution, there are many who believe or suspect it is a very recent invention of some unhappy “anti-Semite”.  Be that as it may, the substance of the quote is germane to our post today.

The charge, assertion, or smear of “anti-Semitism” is used to redirect, deflect, pre-empt, stifle, suppress, censor, confuse, discredit, and twist any and all criticism of any Jews anywhere in the world.  As well, the charge of anti-Semitism is used to control and censor open debate on any topic that the Jews feel threatened by or that they do not want open debate on.  (Recall the mass book banning on Amazon.com eleven months ago brought about by Jewish pressure groups.)  Whether in Israel, Brooklyn, Hollywood, Moscow or Timbuktu, if criticism is directed at Jews that is by default “anti-Semitism”.  “Anti-Semitism” is used to defame any who dare to criticize Jews or their actions.  Period.  End of discussion.

If a Jew dares to criticize the actions of other Jews, he or she is labelled “a self-hating Jew”.  Criticism of Jews must be motivated by hate – there can be no other source or cause of such criticism*.  There is no legitimate, constructive criticism of Jews possible!

* Except, perhaps, because of mental illness, eh?

 We all know the above is true from our experience.  Or, have you not read and heard talk of “anti-Semitism” almost on a daily basis in your adult life in the past few decades?  Been living all these years in an off-the-grid desert monastery in the central Sahara, or tending sheep in outer Mongolia?

Why is any group above legitimate criticism?  Especially, the one group in the whole world that constantly invites and provokes justified scrutiny and criticism through the many diverse and ongoing nefarious, subversive schemes and actions of the members of this one self-interested, chauvinistic, egocentric group.

Are you “anti-Semitic” for reading this critical post?

Of course, we must add that anti-Semitism, or more accurately the assertion or perception of it, is also used to get Jews to pull together against all perceived enemies or threats, real or imagined.  Thus, the constant cries of alleged anti-Semitism also serve to strengthen group cohesion and solidarity among the Jews.  And, perhaps we can even say that another effect of such “anti-Semitism” is to reinforce in the minds of the people the perpetual victimhood of the Jews.



enablers of the Jews

We must not conclude without some words about the principal group of Jewish enablers in the US, namely, the Christian Zionists.  Rather than simply choosing to live a Christian life and attempt to spread the Gospel and work to make our world a more loving and peaceful place for all peoples, these “Christians”, with a bastardized, twisted interpretation of the Bible and false leaders, slavishly and unquestioningly support the Zionist state of Israel, and all Jews anywhere and everywhere.  Many of these folks are what we would term “eschatological” Christians who desire to witness and experience the end times, or the “Rapture”, and believe that God will somehow use the Jewish people in His plan for humanity’s salvation.  Let’s be clear: Christian Zionism is a heretical strain of American Protestantism (which literally consists of thousands of denominations or splinter groups).

What these Christian Zionists will not confront is that many Jews (both atheist Jews and Talmudic Jews) are ardently working to undermine Christianity in Western countries.  Doubt this?  (We have already addressed the revolutionary nature of Jews on this blog, and the great harm that Jewish revolutionary nature does to society.)  Who controls Hollywood and turns out all the moral rot that comes from Hollywood?  It was Jewish intellectuals (from the so-called Frankfurt School) who gave us the sexual revolution, the resulting moral relativism and nihilism, and the self-absorbed hedonism that has so seriously damaged marriage and family life (and, by extension, the social fabric) in the US over the past half century.  A few Jewesses (Friedan, Abzug and Steinem (who was half Jewish)) hijacked feminism in the 1960s and turned it into the enmity spreading, gender confusion movement that it is today.  Jews (Hefner and many others) promoted pornography and financed its spread.  We could go on, but we would rather you start connecting the dots for yourselves.

It is quite difficult to engage these Christian Zionists in rational and objective debate and discussions.  To illustrate their affectionate obsession with Jews and how special for them these “chosen sons of Israel” are, we present this seriously insightful parody.  (Warning: some readers may be offended by the next sentence.)  If they were outside of a synagogue on the sidewalk, and Jews were hurling buckets of horse manure on to them from the rooftop above, these Christian Zionists – knowing that Jews were hurling the horse manure – would be dancing for joy and treating the horse manure as if it were “manna” from Heaven.

Very sad.

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