how “anti-Semitism” is used

“To find out who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”

Although the above quote is often credited to Voltaire, who died two years before the start of the French Revolution, there are many who believe or suspect it is a very recent invention of some unhappy “anti-Semite”.  Be that as it may, the substance of the quote is germane to our post today.

The charge, assertion, or smear of “anti-Semitism” is used to redirect, deflect, pre-empt, stifle, suppress, censor, confuse, discredit, and twist any and all criticism of any Jews anywhere in the world.  As well, the charge of anti-Semitism is used to control and censor open debate on any topic that the Jews feel threatened by or that they do not want open debate on.  (Recall the mass book banning on eleven months ago brought about by Jewish pressure groups.)  Whether in Israel, Brooklyn, Hollywood, Moscow or Timbuktu, if criticism is directed at Jews that is by default “anti-Semitism”.  “Anti-Semitism” is used to defame any who dare to criticize Jews or their actions.  Period.  End of discussion.

If a Jew dares to criticize the actions of other Jews, he or she is labelled “a self-hating Jew”.  Criticism of Jews must be motivated by hate – there can be no other source or cause of such criticism*.  There is no legitimate, constructive criticism of Jews possible!

* Except, perhaps, because of mental illness, eh?

 We all know the above is true from our experience.  Or, have you not read and heard talk of “anti-Semitism” almost on a daily basis in your adult life in the past few decades?  Been living all these years in an off-the-grid desert monastery in the central Sahara, or tending sheep in outer Mongolia?

Why is any group above legitimate criticism?  Especially, the one group in the whole world that constantly invites and provokes justified scrutiny and criticism through the many diverse and ongoing nefarious, subversive schemes and actions of the members of this one self-interested, chauvinistic, egocentric group.

Are you “anti-Semitic” for reading this critical post?

Of course, we must add that anti-Semitism, or more accurately the assertion or perception of it, is also used to get Jews to pull together against all perceived enemies or threats, real or imagined.  Thus, the constant cries of alleged anti-Semitism also serve to strengthen group cohesion and solidarity among the Jews.  And, perhaps we can even say that another effect of such “anti-Semitism” is to reinforce in the minds of the people the perpetual victimhood of the Jews.



enablers of the Jews

We must not conclude without some words about the principal group of Jewish enablers in the US, namely, the Christian Zionists.  Rather than simply choosing to live a Christian life and attempt to spread the Gospel and work to make our world a more loving and peaceful place for all peoples, these “Christians”, with a bastardized, twisted interpretation of the Bible and false leaders, slavishly and unquestioningly support the Zionist state of Israel, and all Jews anywhere and everywhere.  Many of these folks are what we would term “eschatological” Christians who desire to witness and experience the end times, or the “Rapture”, and believe that God will somehow use the Jewish people in His plan for humanity’s salvation.  Let’s be clear: Christian Zionism is a heretical strain of American Protestantism (which literally consists of thousands of denominations or splinter groups).

What these Christian Zionists will not confront is that many Jews (both atheist Jews and Talmudic Jews) are ardently working to undermine Christianity in Western countries.  Doubt this?  (We have already addressed the revolutionary nature of Jews on this blog, and the great harm that Jewish revolutionary nature does to society.)  Who controls Hollywood and turns out all the moral rot that comes from Hollywood?  It was Jewish intellectuals (from the so-called Frankfurt School) who gave us the sexual revolution, the resulting moral relativism and nihilism, and the self-absorbed hedonism that has so seriously damaged marriage and family life (and, by extension, the social fabric) in the US over the past half century.  A few Jewesses (Friedan, Abzug and Steinem (who was half Jewish)) hijacked feminism in the 1960s and turned it into the enmity spreading, gender confusion movement that it is today.  Jews (Hefner and many others) promoted pornography and financed its spread.  We could go on, but we would rather you start connecting the dots for yourselves.

It is quite difficult to engage these Christian Zionists in rational and objective debate and discussions.  To illustrate their affectionate obsession with Jews and how special for them these “chosen sons of Israel” are, we present this seriously insightful parody.  (Warning: some readers may be offended by the next sentence.)  If they were outside of a synagogue on the sidewalk, and Jews were hurling buckets of horse manure on to them from the rooftop above, these Christian Zionists – knowing that Jews were hurling the horse manure – would be dancing for joy and treating the horse manure as if it were “manna” from Heaven.

Very sad.

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  1. Just a glimmer of a positive note in this regard: Polls in a number of countries around the world are showing that this ‘anti-semitism’ propaganda ploy is losing its steam. When asked, ‘Do you support the *fill-in-the-blank* anti-semitism law being proposed in Parliament?’ the majority of respondents – sometimes a slight majority, sometimes a larger one – respond in the negative.

    People are beginning to find it unacceptable that laws are being introduced which protect the interests of one group all others. This is the reason they’re rejecting these laws – not because the people are ‘anti-semitic’, but because they’re seeing through the idea of most favored persons. It’s interesting, mainly because the tool the jew has used to tear down racial identity, namely ‘multi-culturalism’, is the same cause for the ever growing non-favored status of the jew itself.

    Just as the overplayed ‘holocaust’ is showing signs of backfire, so too is the overplayed ‘anti-semitism’ card. The irony of it all – who imagined that the jew itself would dig its own hole through the dirty tricks? Gives me a chuckle.

    1. Yes, and there is growing “holocaust fatigue” and weariness with always hearing the cries of “anti-Semitism”. Your point is valid: people, fair minded folks, do not see the need for laws that protect one group over all others, as you say. As well, free speech must not be curtailed merely because Jews complain about it.

  2. Good essay, Larry. I continue to be astounded at how many Christian Zionists there still are. Do these people simply have no idea what the Jews have written about Christians in their Talmud? Or what Jews have done to Christians throughout history (e.g., poisoning their wells in the Middle Ages)? Are Christian Zionists totally blind to the horrors committed by Jews? Can they not see the filth and degeneracy promoted endlessly by Jewish Hollywood? And they still think of the Jews as “God’s Chosen People”? How can anyone possibly hold such conflicting thoughts in their minds at the same time?

    The charge of “anti-Semitism” has always been bogus. At least 90% of Jews aren’t even Semites! The Palestinians have far more Semitic blood in them than most Israelis! Which oddly enough makes these whining Jews more anti-Semitic than anyone else on earth!

    1. Thanks Stephen for your comment.

      Just today, I received another request for money from these Jewish Christian groups. These organizations get my name and address from the industry that sells potential donor names to any group that claims to be a charity. Obviously I do not direct any charitable contributions their way (see more on this below).

      Part of the problem is with Jews who have infiltrated Protestant Christianity. An example is this guy who calls himself Jay Sekulow. He claims to be a Jewish Christian. His surname was formerly Sokolove as he is a child or grandchild of a Russian Jewish immigrant. This guy, who heads up various “charities” and is the head of the ACLJ, says on the radio that Christians have a “Biblical mandate” to defend Israel. Needless to say, that is a gross and purposeful distortion of what the Bible says in the New Testament. Christians have a mandate to defend the new Israel, i.e. the Christian Church. If only these Protestants understood Christianity. Christ’s new and everlasting covenant superseded the Old Covvenant. But, enough.

      The other night while watching some late night television (a bad habit I need to break), a commercial comes on soliciting financial donations for aged holocaust survivors in the Ukraine. The group is called something like The International Fellowship of Christians and Jews (fellowship is a term that is dear to Protestants). Jews today are by freaking far the richest or financially wealthiest group in history. Why cannot they help these poor surviving octogenarian holocaust survivors?! I will tell you why. For the Jews, it is a principle that they do not pay for anything that they can get the stupid goyim to pay for. And, this applies to who fights and dies in the wars the Jews bring about (starting with World War One and World War Two).

      1. At last count, there were over 6 million holocaust survivors, and the numbers keep going up! Strange but true.

      2. Haha! Yes, and that reminds me of the old saw: A housewife in New York kept meeting or coming across holocaust survivors in the 1950s and 1960s. She ended up thinking, if not saying: “With so many survivors, just who did Hitler kill?”

      3. A further point may be instructive here. Protestants, especially those who take every word in the Bible literally, will refer to the verse in the Old Testament that runs something like this: I will bless those who bless you. This is supposed to have been said by Yahweh to one of the Old Testament writers or prophets, and was referring to the tribes of Israel.

        This quote from the Bible is often included in these mailed paper copy solicitations that go out to Protestant Christians.

        It is very difficult to get through to these folks, and that is a real problem if we ever hope to break the strangle hold of the Jews over US foreign policy.

  3. So sad to read articles like this when most of the people who hate Jews so much have never even met one, or have no knowledge of what Judaism is all about.

    1. Writing on how the smear or canard of “anti-Semitism” is currently used does not constitute true anti-Semitism.

      Many of us have awoken to the sad fact that some Jews, in fact many, have worked and continue to work to cause great harm to Western societies. Richeyjo, the evidence is out there. As well, are you aware of all the vile anti-Christ and anti-Christian verses in the Talmud, ones the Jews refuse to strike from their religious governing texts? Or, is your knowledge and understanding of Judaism limited to that of a Christian Zionist, who mistakenly believes that Jews are so dear to God, even the evil ones, that we ought to practically worship them? (Perhaps, you are Jewish?)

      As you mention hate, let me be clear, I do not hate Jews. But, I do very much hate the harm that many of them are doing to society. I and others will continue to expose their destructive schemes and deeds. The Jews in the US on the Supreme Court, in Congress and in the media are no friends to you or one of your causes (that of the pro-life cause) – have you considered that? (Hate the sin, not the sinner.)

    2. I am very familiar with Jews on a personal level. Probably 30% of my primary and secondary school classmates were Jews. I’ve even had 3 or 4 Jewish girl friends, which should tell you something about my non-prejudicial attitude about them. I’m STILL friends with one of them, after 35 years now.

      My problem with Jews is not personal. It has to do with what SOME Jews want to do with the world. They want total domination and control of it, and they will stop at nothing to achieve this goal. When I say “the Jews”, I am referring to these people – not ALL Jews! Most Jews that I know anyway are pretty much harmless – they don’t want to dominate the world, or even are aware of certain Jews that do! I’m not blaming these Jews.

      But it cannot be denied that there is a subset of Jews that are probably the most evil people on Planet Earth. I have never personally met any of these Jews (and hopefully never will), but I have read what they have written and read about what they have done. It sends cold shivers up my spine! I cannot imagine a more diabolical, conniving people hell-bent on dominating everyone else on earth!

      To give you an idea of what I mean, have a look at this link:

      This is “The Protocols of Zion” written in plain English. This book was written over 100 years ago, but the world it describes is uncannily similar to our world today. Somehow the Jews who wrote this book managed to carry out its agenda with virtually NO resistance from Gentiles (called ‘Goyim’ by the Jews). To say these Jews are selfish, greedy, materialistic and without morals or a conscience would be a huge understatement!

      So these are “the Jews” I (and others like Larry) are referring to. THESE Jews need to be identified and put on public display for all to see, because they are threatening the very foundations of our civilization.

    3. richeyo, I have a very good knowledge of what judaism is all about – I’ve even taken the time to learn a fairly useful level of hebrew because I, at one time, thought it worthwhile to read their texts in the native language. It’s what led me to my more enlightened understanding of the tribe. After spending many hours studying the tomes of the talmud at a campus community center library, I was left stunned by the very wicked nature of this ideology – it’s not even a philosophy, it’s a social/political strategy of dominance. It is primitive and anti-social.

      And with that said, one can reiterate what others have said here as well: one need not have jewish associates to see what those of the hierarchy practice in full view of the world. Fair people recognize that the ‘average’ jews are not the ones pulling the strings – yet very few of these average jews challenge the hierarchy’s destructive programs. As a matter of fact, many openly embrace the base and offensive characteristics of their poison. Very few challenge them – as for me, I have an abiding respect for those who do. Jews who challenge this corruption of values are perhaps some of the most courageous people on earth – they risk losing everything through the most despicable assaults from these oppressive monsters.

      Perhaps you yourself should take the time to consider the realities of what this post is saying – can you deny any of the observations made in it?

      Out of curiosity, I’m actually interested in reading what you yourself believe ‘Judaism is all about’. I’m very interested indeed.

      1. I am as well. Do tell us what Judaism is all about , Richeyjo. I have my own ideas, but am much more interested in yours.

  4. Former London Mayor, Mr Ken Livingstone has forced out of the Labour Party. In a statement he reacted: “I do not accept the allegation that I have brought the Labour Party into disrepute – nor that I am in any way guilty of antisemitism. I abhor antisemitism, I have fought it all my life and will continue to do so.

    “I also recognise that the way I made a historical argument has caused offence and upset in the Jewish community. I am truly sorry for that.”

    1. Thanks CT for your comment. The only thing for me to say is that we ought not have to walk on egg shells because of the extreme sensitivity or paranoia of one small self interested group. The larger issue is that no group ought to be immune from, or above, legitimate criticism and critique for their actions.

      1. I’m with you Larry. I agree; our small or huge stations in life should should not be the barometers for how we judge or are judged by others. On questions of right and wrong, moral or immoral ,ethical or unethical; lawful or unlawful no group small or big should be exempt from the social sanctions that moderate how we behave or interact. I short I agree with you; “there shouldn’t be any sacred cows.”

  5. By the way, I’m enjoying your posts as well as your reactions and comments. You’re one of of the few platforms I spend some time mulling over. Great stuff and thanks a bunch.

    1. Thanks for your kind words. We only present the reality of the dilemma to readers. (Although we have come to some definite conclusions and positions over time.) We hope sufficient numbers of individuals from all groups will become aware of some of the harmful nonsense that is prevalent in our modern world. The mass media push so much on to us, and into our minds these days that a healthy skepticism is necessary.

  6. We recently stumbled upon this post from late April. It puts forth the idea that the Jewish complaint against anti-Semitism these days may in fact be an admission or expression of guilt on the part of Jews.

    Jewish Guilt is the Discourse of The Goyim

    ” . . . . I would prefer to believe that the Jewish fear of antisemitsm is actually an expression of collective Jewish guilt. . . . .”

    This post is also found at this link to the blogger’s site:

  7. luciferian freemasonry is theosophy of Satan/gabreel- I can stand these damned bankster gangster of Revelation 2:9 and Revelation 3:9 the seed of the one that got booted out of heaven. Jesus will return and every knee will bow! Their luciferian ingognito time is Exposed and almost up, being defeated through the Holy blood of Jesus Christ.

  8. We know already for a cw=ertain time that there is a physical virus, COVID-19. But there is also another virus, a spiritual virus: COVID-48. (corona-Zionism) Why COVID-48? Well, the modern state of Israel was established in 1948. And all those Christian Zionists are contaminated with it! The only difference between is that unlike those who suffer from COVID-19, these Christian Zionists were never admitted to the hospital. Some of the symptoms of COVID-48: a very exaggerated love for just one state, Israel. Harmful side-effects of COVID-48: racism, extremely sensitive to criticism on Israel. There is just only antidote with which the Christian Zionists can be recovered: a “vaccine” in the form of an accurate and clear explanation of the Word of God.

    1. Thanks Ton for your insightful comment.

      Yes, the Christian Zionists are believing a distorted, even idiotic interpretation of Christianity here in the US. Let me give you an example of Jewish chutzpah in these difficult times. This so-called International Fellowship of Christians and Jews has run TV ads in recent weeks soliciting donations for starving Jewish holocaust survivors in the former Soviet Union to get food during Passover, and now more recently they are asking for donations for the same elderly holocaust survivors in Israel itself who are hungry during this COVID-19 pandemic. (Pat Boone has appeared in some of their mail solicitations in previous years.) This association only benefits Jews as there never are any appeals or projects to help Christians, such as persecuted Palestinian Christians in Gaza or the West Bank. As well, we must consider the obnoxiousness of these appeals. Jews control more wealth in the world than any other ethnic group, including the Chinese. Why can they not give to these allegedly needy, alleged survivors of the phony holocaust? Because the Jews never pay for anything that they can get the foolish goyim to pay for!!

      There is another post that might interest you here at this blog. It is titled The social kingship of Christ, and the Jewish problem for authentic Christians. Here is the link to it:

      1. Thanks, Larry. We here in The Netherlands, have the same problem with the Dutch Christian Zionists. Let me tell you something: once there was a Chrisian Zionist website, Don’t search for it because this site doesn’t exist anymore. Now, each time rhere was a pro-Israeli article on it I gave my response to it. And I was the only one who was very critical on Israel. The others, however (and this were 8 or 9 people) were fanatical Christian Zionists. And they always came up with one and the same password: “anti-Semite.” Later on, I was banned from that site. Because the moderators of could not bear the Biblical truth about Israel and the Jewish people.

        But then it started: these Christian Zionists who untill then like one man had rebelled against me, began to squabbling among themselves about subjects which were not related to Israel or the Jewish people. And it became worse and worse.

        The result: the moderators of that site decided to take it down. And I suspect that they had just one thought in mind: “Never again”! And indeed, even today there is no longer a site called

      2. Thanks, Larry. And here is something else: On May 1, 45 memebers of the American Congres gave their support to Bill HR 6666. This is a bill with which ‘contact tracers’ coronavirus-testers and reporting agents will be hired; these people can go into the houses to search for possible COVID-19 patients. And they can force everyone to be vaccinated.

        Next: these vaccins contain microbiochips. The name of this chip: WO2020060606 -Crypto Currency system using body activity data. It will be very clear, of course, that this chip has nothing to do with the fight against COVID-19. But it has all to do with economics. Now both the bill and this chip have the number 6. When this bill will be passed, Revelation 13:18 will become a reality.

        Third: Premier Netanyahu has the plan for every Israeli child to be chipped with a microchip called “the shield.” A very strange name for a chip, isn’t? But could this possibly means “Shield of David” or maybe “Rothchild”?

        As we know now, the Shield of David has also a lot of sixes. Yes, the number “6” in all these cases is prominently present. And this is not a coincidence.

      3. Yes, we are going to put together another post on this Corona Virus take away of our freedoms and the possibility of forced vaccinations soon. Thanks for your comment.

      4. The Rothschilds need to be arrested, pure and simple. There is never going to be peace or freedom on Planet Earth as long they are alive and still kicking. Their immense wealth is being used to turn people into snitches, and further to activate 5G technology. I’ve read that installing millions of 5G transmitters will cost $1.5 trillion. The total net worth of of all the telecom companies combined is only half that. So where’s the other half (if not all of it) coming from? The only people capable of supplying that much are the Rothschilds, who are estimated to be worth $500 trillion.

      5. Stephen,

        If you go over to King World News and read what their columnists are saying, you will likely agree that the fiat money system is collapsing. The Federal Reserve was pumping billions into the over night repo market back in August and September last year, and the ECB was intervening in European markets at that time too. This current fake pandemic health crisis is only serving as a catalyst for the unwinding of the fiat and debt based international financial order.

        The bottom line is that in the coming years there will be much suffering and economic dislocation, but the elites, who have run the show via this phony fiat money scam, are going to be the big losers. They will not go down without a fight, but they can no longer postpone the day of reckoning. Countries are going to, of necessity, become more self sufficient to feed and house their citizens. We may even see a come back of models derived from the successful experiment in Germany under Hitler. Globalism is going to die a very painful death. We can only hope that future generations will not repeat the same mistakes as the past few generations have committed. And, as Thomas Dalton points out in his 2020 book, Eternal Strangers, the Jews will have to be expelled to a Jewish state somewhere, perhaps not in Palestine. If not, their harmful influence will have to be curtailed. Libtards are going to get a reality check in the coming years, and may lose much power.

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