the zombie apocalypse genre: a case of mass psychological conditioning?

So-called zombie apocalypse movies, gory as these are, have become persistent and nearly ubiquitous over the past 20 years.  A not insignificant percentage of each year’s movie production in Hollywood is devoted to putting out these type of movies.  Although apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic movies have been with us for several decades (notable examples include The Last Man on Earth (1964), The Night of The Living Dead (1968), The Omega Man (1971), The Ultimate Warrior (1975)), the specific strain of such movies that feature zombies or violent human mutants or blood thirsty, cannibalistic, virus (or bacterium) infected humans now can be said to form their own distinct genre.



These movies often seem to convey the futility of fighting the inevitable.  The odds are overwhelmingly stacked against the remaining surviving humans in the aftermath of an apocalyptic event on a global scale.

We wonder if this genre is being promoted, marketed and effectively used to condition the viewing masses that such an event is coming in the not too distant future.  Perhaps the not so subtle, not so subliminal message is that modern civilization is on borrowed time and is nearing collapse.  The collapse is only waiting for a spark, a catalyst to ignite the process.

So, is the ongoing, continuing promotion of movies in this genre really a form of mass psychological conditioning?  We cannot rule the possibility out.  (For those who believe in a macabre, evil plot to reduce the world’s population by 90+ per cent, depressing and demoralizing films might be a tool in the hands of the plotters.)

Are the zombies already here, in our midst now?  In other words, is the fuel for the conflagration already at hand?

Consider the narcotized drug abusers, those pharmaceutically medicated with “anti-psychotic” drugs, and the video game addicted sociopaths already all around us.  These number in the tens of millions in the America of 2018.  The frequent mass murders, although serious problems in themselves, are symptomatic of a much deeper moral malaise in the culture.  We do seem to be spiraling out of control as a society.

a possible apocalypse that is easily preventable

The following scenario may not lead to zombies springing up from every dark corner, but would lead to mass (mega) death and a complete breakdown of society and any remaining civility left among humans.  We hear that a couple of nuclear bombs or warheads detonated high in the atmosphere at critical points above the continental US would effectively fry and blow out the nation’s electric grid.  This would happen because of the intense electromagnetic pulse (EMP) that the atomic detonations would cause.  Electric transformers, substations, power lines, computers, and many electronic devices would be severely damaged and rendered useless.  (Note: an apocalyptic scenario could thus be brought about without a full-scale nuclear exchange of thousands of warheads.)  As well, a “kill-shot” from Sol (our sun) – in the form of a massive solar flare or coronal mass ejection (CME) – could accomplish the same outcome if we are unlucky enough to be in the direct line of the “kill-shot” when it reaches the Earth.  (If the shot arrived during the North American night, it would mean that those on the other side of the globe were hit.)

As much of the electric power grid and related equipment is not currently protected from this EMP threat, when the power goes off, it will remain off for many months or even years.  All the trillions of dollars spent on national defense over the past several decades will have been in vain as the country will be effectively destroyed.

We do not often think about it, but much of modern technological civilization is based on 2 things.  Widely available electricity and chemicals that are often toxic and dangerous.  When the electric power goes down for the long term, almost every facet of our lives will be adversely affected immediately.  Without the electricity, water treatment plants and municipal water systems do not work.  Similarly, gas stations will not be able to dispense fuel for our cars.  Food, perishable food, will spoil as there will be no refrigeration.  Hospitals, once they exhaust their backup power supplies, will be not much better than these were more than a century ago.  You get the idea.

People, who already have serious difficulties with self-control and personal responsibility, will likely be among the first to go violent and insane in their basic instinctual drive for survival, for self-preservation.  When the prescription meds run out, the medicated psycho and sociopaths will really be out-of-control.  It is not so far-fetched to imagine that there might eventually be cases of cannibalism.

(If this scenario were to occur, we wonder what the gun control advocates will do when they see roving, marauding gangs of violent thugs coming into their neighborhoods seeking whatever remaining food and drink are still to be found.  Might they seek out their gun owning neighbors for assistance and protection?  But, we digress.)

Here is an idea that others have campaigned for in the past several years.  Spend the estimated $2 billion dollars to sufficiently insulate the electric power grid from this very serious EMP threat.  Do not delay, but start ASAP.  Penny wise and pound foolish are the bumbling government policy makers and bureaucrats.  Can we not find the $7 (that is 700 copper pennies) per man, woman, and child in the country that this would cost?!  Hell, take the needed funds from the black budget of the harmful geo-engineering chemtrails program.  Other possible sources of funding would be the annual $3 billion stipend we give to Israel with zero benefit to the US, and the CIA’s budget.


A future primitive.  Will we (humankind) be just a thin line of black carbon in the future sedimentary rocks of this planet?

Zombie, mummy, fossil destiny.



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  1. We spend $2 billion EVERY DAY on our so-called “defense” budget, but we can’t scrape together one day’s worth of that budget to fix our electrical power grid, without which our nation would effectively self-destruct, killing 90% of our population within a year? Who is setting our national priorities, anyway? Obviously people who couldn’t care less about what happens to America!

    1. It does give one pause to wonder. What are our priorities?! The figure I used is several years old. Allowing for some inflation, $3 billion would likely do the job. That is what we could call cheap insurance considering the outcome of an EMP event.

      1. Hey Larry, nice site. And yes, it does seem remarkably foolish to not protect our power grid when it would only cost 1/70,000th of the money that the Fed created out of nothing and shoveled to European (i.e. Rothschild banks) after the Crash of ’08. But then when you consider who really rules the world, and what their goals are, this neglect makes perfect sense! Let this be a test of Trump’s sincerity and his ability to grab the steering wheel. Isn’t it a bit suspicious that Puppet Kim started waving his nuclear dick around right after Trump got in and, surprise surprise, he has H bombs and ICBMs. Obama and the CIA never even saw it coming! That’s because Kim is controlled… by THEM!

        Nice Southern Utah pics BTW. My favorite place on the planet.

      2. Thanks Morpheus for your comment. By the way, we love southern Utah, too, but the Joshua trees were photographed in southern Nevada in late 2015.

        The whole NK issues is troubling. We think that China is playing a double game here. The Chinese can test US resolve in an area where US blood was shed in the Korean War. If the US wimps out, it conveys to Beijing that the US would not do anything if China grabbed Taiwan. Bill Clinton and later George W. Bush basically bought the regime in Pyonyang off by sending them fuel and other commodities. Thus, this situation has festered since the early 1990s. NK was rewarded for their black mail and has decided to keep doing more of it. We not know that Kim is controlled by “THEM”. Some folks say that there are only 3 countries without a Rothschild controlled bank, namely, Iran, Syria and North Korea – so who knows?

  2. Wow, you’ve sufficiently unsettled me with this article. I’ve often wondered where and when our ingrained fears about ‘zombie’ hordes came from. It seems to be an innate thing, somehow part of our collective consciousness or unconscious – but isn’t the popular idea of zombies a relatively modern phenomenon?

    1. Thanks for your comment. It could be that many of our collective fears are from the collective unconscious (from Jung). For example, the idea (legends or folklore) about vampires is found very far back in history in many cultures around the globe. It does appear that this idea of zombies – or at least its popularity – is fairly recent, yes.

      I am not sure what “sufficiently unsettled” you: the possibility of a zombie apocalypse, or that we might be being manipulated by Hollywood (as part of the mass media). Hopefully, humans beings can overcome their fears by reason.

  3. Never been a fan of zombies, so heaven only knows why I joined in a zombie run in an abandoned brickworks a few years back. Those actors took their roles a bit too seriously for my liking! Would I survive a zombie attack? Hell, no!

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