lunar new year parade for 2018

We now present some photographs captured while my wife attended and enjoyed the Chinese New Year parade in San Francisco this past Saturday evening (24 February).




Prior to the start of the parade, one could see this parade car on a nearby street.  2018 is the Year of The Dog which comes around every 12 years.



A replica of a cable car that has rubber tires and takes visitors and tourists around town.



Some early participants moving into position.



Michelle Yeoh of Hong Kong movie fame pictured here.  My wife had street level, front row seats for the parade.



Camera men at the ready.  No doubt their images would appear in local newspapers.



Preparing the opening firecrackers.



Firecrackers exploding to ward off evil spirits and negative forces.



One of the first floats with the appropriate animal in front.  Someone else is snapping a photo in this image.



One of several marching bands participating in this year’s parade.



Colorful costumes and streamers.



Bright, colorful, large fans waved by young girls.



Colorful streamers.



In many years, participants and spectators have to cope with rain, but not this year.  Here, we see walkers on stilts.



Another group of parade participants.



Dragon and lion.



Very close now.



Another dragon.  A young child can be seen helping to hold up one of the supporting poles.



More colorful outfits.



A super sized grocery cart propelled, it appears, by a gasoline engine.  Lucky is a chain of super markets in the San Francisco area and perhaps throughout a sizable portion of the state.



Up close and personal in this shot.



Another float approaches.



And, it continues on.



To beat the crowds out of the area, my wife and her party left a little before the end of the parade.  She took all the pictures seen above at the parade.  On Sunday night, we watched the parade being replayed on TV, and she was able to capture these final 2 images from the TV screen.  (As well, earlier in the TV broadcast, we were even able to see Lucy sitting in the front row along the street a few times.)

The grand finale of the parade with firecrackers going off and a large dragon dancing around.



Our parting shot.  Happy lunar new year to all.




copyright 2018 –

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