pictures from a Sunday walk

Risking my wife’s iPhone by squatting over a storm drain, I captured this image of curbside art in the late afternoon sun.



We passed by a nicely done iron security gate with wooden doors behind it.  Today, and for a long time now, city residents have lived in homes that resemble pill boxes or fortifications.  They, we, all of us, live in persistent fear, much like during Medieval times when people lived in castles or walled cities fearing the Saracens, or marauding barbarians.  There can be no denying that property crimes in this city have skyrocketed over the past several years.



At least one resident was honest – with himself and with others.  This welcome mat is not very welcoming.



Our first study in 3 pictures.  This cinder block wall caught our eye in the late afternoon sun.



A different angle gives us this view.  Beauty in simplicity, in form, and in function.



A final look with blue sky above, some greenery behind, and some play of shadow.  A wall serves a two-fold purpose: to keep what is outside from coming in, and to prevent what is inside from leaving or escaping to the outside.  No entry and no exit.  A barrier.



Our final study in 3 images.  In the shade of this building, we see the east façade of stone.



Colors and texture suggest themselves to the eyes.



A final look, showing the ever present iron gates in this residential quarter of the city.



supplemental images

From a walk last August, we have these images of a home that looks like a castle.  Can we imagine archers on the stone balcony?



Another view.



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