Friday Lenten Salad

Here is an idea for a meatless dinner.

Start off with a fresh lettuce salad (buy or prepare this).  Then add any (or all) of the following: sliced carrots, fresh sliced or chopped strawberries, organic pine nuts, crushed tortilla or corn chips (non-GMO), a few cashew pieces or chopped walnuts, black olive pieces, and/or diced tomatoes. 

You can even add some chopped banana pieces, if you wish.  As well, any of the various light salad dressings can be used to add flavor.



You can serve this with some warm fresh bread and butter for a tasty combination.  Hot tea or coffee after the meal closes out the deal.


Going meatless one day a week is a healthy choice.  It is not so much that meat-eating is not healthy, but bear in mind 2 things.  First, Americans consume too much meat – by eating meat at all 3 meals each day.  Moderation is more healthy.  Go lighter on the meat, perhaps only consuming it at one or two of your daily meals.  Second, there are still abuses in the US meat industry, and even with proper washing or rinsing of the meats and proper cooking, we are still getting residues from hormones fed to the livestock and from antibiotics, as well as other chemical traces.  Thus, less meat, and more fresh fruits and vegetables cannot hurt.

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