Thursday in America: gun control, Trump’s Jewish “problem”, and Amazon book reviews

Topic one: gun control

Here we see an incremental approach to eventually disarming the American people.  In the aftermath of the school shooting in Florida a couple of weeks back, there are renewed demands for gun control throughout the land.  Now, there is talk at the highest levels in Washington of universal background checks, raising the age to buy guns from 18 to 21 years of age (that we can support), and outright banning of some types of guns.

Feel better?

What will happen the next time around?  With the mental health and family problems or “issues” not being meaningfully discussed and acted upon, you can be sure that there will be future mass shootings, sorry to say, even with more “feel good” gun control.

An interesting item was seen by many on the tele or TV last evening.  When President Trump was referring to and briefly describing the black market for guns in the US, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) quickly shifted the discussion back to legal gun sales, which she is adamant about restricting and reducing.  Wow!  A decades long crusader against legal gun ownership (as mayor of San Francisco (1982) she tried to outlaw gun sales in the city and restrict gun ownership, but the courts struck her efforts down) is not concerned with the sizeable black market in guns in the US.  Hey, if you want a gun(s), and cannot purchase these legally with all the background checks and waiting periods, just seek out someone in the illegal market and pay cash – no questions asked.  All these gun control proposals, if implemented, would make it more difficult, much more difficult for law abiding citizens to purchase and own guns and ammunition.  Do you see that?

A question to consider:  Do you really want to live in a country where only the police (who will obey “lawful” orders) and violent criminals and domestic terrorists possess guns?  Food for thought.

Topic two: Trump’s Jewish problem

President Trump was most accommodating to the Senator from California as he encouraged other senators to address her concerns in their bill to be debated in the Senate.  Here is a listing of leading leftist liberals who are public figures (past and present), and who are for gun control and major restrictions on guns.  Dianne Feinstein, Barbara Boxer (former Senator from CA), Barbara Walters, Barbara Streisand, Ruth Bader Ginsburg (US Supreme Court justice), Elena Kagan (US Supreme Court justice).  Notice something?  All these individuals are women, and all are ethnic Jews.  (Of course, we could include a lengthy listing of Jewish men, public figures all, that are anti-gun.  For brevity, we omit that listing.)

Trump has trouble saying no to Jewish folks.  He went ahead with his decision to move the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem.  This, of course, enraged many in the Arab world, and especially outraged the Palestinians.  The prospect for lasting peace in the Middle East, which was always a chimera given the continuing US interference in the region for the benefit of Israel, is now even more remote.

Trump has put Jews into key cabinet positions (Mnuchin at Treasury) and has many Jewish advisors (his Jewish son-in-law, Kushner, helps to formulate foreign policy, and David Friedman, Jason Greenblatt, Stephen Miller, Carl Icahn, Gary Cohn, etc.).  President George W. Bush went to war with Iraq in 2003 at the behest of all the Jewish “neocons” (Wolfowitz, Perle and others) in his inner circle at the time.  Another former president who had placed Jews into key cabinet positions (Rubin, Reich and others) and put 2 Jews on to the US Supreme Court (Ginsburg and Breyer) was Bill Clinton.  Former President Ronald Reagan (1911 – 2004) looked the other way when Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982 and said nothing when purposeful atrocities occurred as the result of the invasion.  Reagan also did nothing when Israel’s air force bombed and destroyed Iraq’s French built nuclear complex in 1981.

See a pattern?

Trump’s Jewish problem is also America’s problem.  The mantra “America first” rings hollow when American interests are subordinated to Israeli interests abroad and to Jewish interests at home.

Topic three: Amazon book reviews

This past weekend, I was shopping online for a couple of books.  On Amazon’s website, I came across this title, Against Our Better Judgment – The hidden history of how the U.S. was used to create Israel, by Alison Weir (2014), and read some of the many customer reviews for this recent work on little known history.  Other Amazon visitors can comment on the customer book reviews.  Reading some of these comments was a riot.  There are many trolls out there who take shots at any favorable reviews for the book, even though it appears that these trolls have not read the book.  This also appears to be true for many of the one star, negative customer submitted book reviews.  Few of these are “verified purchase” reviews.  In fact, one critical reviewer claimed that he found a copy of this book in a gutter or public trash can.  When done reading it, he says he returned the copy to where he had found it!

The comment that convinced me to buy the book was from another interested reader who wrote that after seeing all the hysterical negative comments about the book, he decided to buy it and read it for himself to get at the truth.  Cries of “anti-Semitism” and threats of an unpleasant afterlife for those who think favorably of the book are to be found among the comments to the various reviews for this title.  We would advise that if you have any interest in this book, purchase it now before it gets banned by Amazon – which is a very real possibility.

We include a link here to the book and its reviews for any interested readers.  You may get a few good laughs by perusing some of the reviews, and especially the comments to those reviews.  (As this book just arrived in yesterday’s post, I cannot review it as I have yet to read it.)

Our feature image says it all.  A tormented artistic image of a tormented man in a terrible time.  Quite evocative, don’t you think?



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  1. This is the result of allowing the “anti-Semitism” charge cower us into never even mentioning “Jews” in public discourse anymore! If we so much as suggest that Jews are the ones responsible for the world’s problems, everybody reflexively points fingers at us instead! So most people , still to this day, have no clue about the Jews, because this is one of those 4-letter words that you can’t say in public!

    I don’t know what Trump’s problem with Jews is. On the one hand, he calls himself a nationalist and promotes “America first” policies. But on the other hand, he surrounds himself with Jews who are in almost all cases globalists, especially the ones in the Defense and State departments.

    Has Trump never read the Protocols of Zion? This is a blueprint for Jewish world government. I don’t see how anyone can miss the connection here. The Jews deny it’s authentic, calling it a “forgery” instead. But isn’t a forgery just a illegal copy of a genuine article? Regardless, at least 95% of what the Protocols called for has come true, and has been in place for decades now. That’s the best proof I can think of that it’s authentic.

    1. Thanks Stephen for your thoughtful comment. Yes, one cannot simply dismiss the “Protocols” as “fake” since so much in them has come to pass since 1896. These Protocols were either authentic to begin with (meaning crafted by the Jews in secret conclave) or these were forged by Tsarist agents in an attempt to discredit the Jews (who had been driving the Tsarist government to distraction for decades with their constant assassination attempts of Tsars and Russian government ministers, some of which had been successful). But, if these were “fake”, one must conclude one of two possibilities. If Tsarist agents had made these protocols up, they must have been very prescient, even clairvoyant, given that so many of the proposed actions found in the Protocols have come to pass in the past 120 years. Or, the Jews seized upon these fake (“forged”) protocols and chose to adopt them as they saw that these Protocols would help them achieve their ends.

      Trump’s “Jewish problem”, regardless of cause(s), is a problem for America and for our true rights and freedoms. Culture of Critique by Kevin MacDonald exposes what the Jews have done to the US since arriving in large numbers from eastern Europe beginning in the late 1800s. The bottom line is that Jews seek to demoralize and divide the host country’s population so that the Jews can feel safe from “anti-Semitism” and so they can manipulate the host country more easily.

      1. Occam’s Razor (“the simplest explanation is the correct one”) says that Jews wrote the Protocols , and have been carrying them out to the letter for the past 100 some-odd years. Any “normal” person (read: non-Jew) reading the Protocols would, or at least SHOULD, be horrified by what it contains. Even if it were true that Jews “chanced” upon them and thought “Wow, what a great plan! Why don’t we try this ourselves?” is not taking the utter immorality of it all into consideration! I think it’s fair to say that nobody (except for true racial supremacists) would even dream of depriving other racial groups of their life and liberty. But the fact is Jews do this and have been doing it since time immemorial, which sort of implies that they didn’t need to read the Protocols at all to fully understand its agenda, which is demonic at its core!

      2. Yes, insightful analysis. Thanks.

        The Protocols do call for much immorality to be introduced into and normalized (thus accepted) in society. The means and the ends covered in the Protocols are immoral. We first saw exposition of the Protocols in the book, Waters Flowing Eastward (subtitled The War Against the Kingship of Christ) by L. Fry (a pseudonym for a woman familiar with the Protocols and with the outrages and atrocities of the Jewish Bolsheviks in Russia). A Catholic priest, Denis Fahey, wrote in the preface or afterword to the book about the agency of the Jews in furthering Satan’s work. Whether the Jews believe that Satan exists or not, they are doing his bidding, and are at war with Christianity and Christian civilization. It is very upsetting to me, raised Catholic, to see images of Pope Francis kissing the hands of Jews when he meets with them. The Pope is woefully ignorant of the true nature of these Jews, and that they have worked for centuries now to destroy and subvert the Catholic Church.

        A 19th century British philosopher, John Stuart Mill, wrote in one of his works that once something (custom, practice, etc.) becomes engrained in the society, in the social fabric, it is almost impossible to eradicate such practices or customs. The moral of the story is that all the terribly harmful things we have come to accept in our society in the past 100, and especially the last 50 years are not going to be easy to get rid of. The most central practice is the most problematic and that is Jews effectively ruling over us as they control the mass media, are over represented in all 3 branches of the federal government, etc.

      3. Once again, the Jews have handicapped us by forbidding even the use of the word ‘Jew’! If we can’t openly discuss WHO is doing all these awful things to us, how can we ever expect to win the war?

        We simply MUST forge ahead, name the enemy and be perfectly BLUNT about what they are doing! Damn the torpedoes! The consequences of burying our heads in the sand and hoping the problem will go away on its own are just not acceptable. The problem just keeps getting worse.

  2. Speaking of gun control (the original topic here), I just wanted to spread the word about the very likely possibility that the Florida school shooting was orchestrated by the “Deep State” and their minions in local government. A Parkland high school teacher said she SAW the shooter “in full metal garb” with face mask, helmet and goggles. Her first thought was “What are THE POLICE doing here?” Read more:

    The 4 local police who stood outside the building doing nothing to intervene probably did so knowing full well what was really going on, and going in would have almost certainly gotten themselves killed, as there were probably multiple shooters that kept themselves well hidden. This is how utterly depraved our government has become, that they would go to these lengths just to deprive us of our rights to defend ourselves! “Sick” doesn’t even come close to describing it!

    1. There are many disturbing questions to be sure. Last night on the “news”, there was a report that told of how the shooter had attempted to break through some window glass (tempered or strengthened to resist hurricane force winds) so that he could shoot down on to students and faculty/staff from above like the Las Vegas shooter of early October, 2017 did.

      At this stage, not much would surprise me as to the nefarious schemes and deeds of our government slash Deep State slash Mossad moles, etc. It is a sorry state of affairs. The 4 local police who chose to stand on the sidelines during the action either were cowardly, had been told “to stand down”, or were privy to facts the rest of us are not. Perhaps, a combination of these factors were in play as to their behavior. What is coming next?

      1. Interesting approach, but I can’t see White gentiles going along with it, at least not in the long run. For one thing, the Jews would probably just laugh at us if we tried to tell them to accept all the things they throw at us, e.g. multiculturalism, feminism, homosexuality, etc. They know these are all intended to weaken us, so they are never going to adopt these things themselves.

        But it should be helpful if we simply pointed out how hypocritical the Jews are, for telling us to do one thing, while they do the complete opposite. I think that would be a good start. There used to be a Facebook group called “Open Borders for Israel” which promoted the idea of flooding Israel with African migrants. Can you imagine the reaction of Israelis to that idea?

        I say we should get serious about it!

      2. The Israelis do not treat the Ethiopian Jews (who were rescued and brought to Israel some years back) very well. At heart, the Jews are racist and ethnocentric. Most of us know that.

        Ethnic Europeans, indeed all peoples of the world, must wake up and resist the JWO or Jewish World Order.

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