The ‘Progressive’ Contradiction on Immigrants, Welfare, and Character – Leftism values in Immigrants the Very Virtues that It Destroys in Americans

For Wordy Wednesday, we reblog this social commentary piece by a blogger that goes “unfiltered”. While the tone may be irksome to some readers, consider the substance. Andrea challenges the Left and the rest of us to confront some unpleasant but pressing truths. Our reblogging this recent piece does not imply that we necessarily agree with all its content. But, we think this can stimulate some needed thinking.

Andrea Daily & Weekly - Andrea Daley Worldview

We often hear from ‘progressives’ that new immigrants are better than existing Americans — especially the working class whites, ‘white trash’, children born to immigrants, and of course implicitly blacks — because immigrants are hungrier, willing to work harder, more stoic, and more self-sacrificing for the sake of the family. Supposedly, these immigrants have more character. And by immigrants, we mean those fresh-off-the-boat. After all, the children of immigrants become Americanized all too fast, lose the fire in the belly that their parents had, and become as useless as other ‘loser’ Americans. According to this view, the winner-Americans(elites and upper-middle class) still have value because they are ‘creative’ and make lots of money and add to the economy.

But the lower 60% of Americans born here are pretty useless. They grew up with too much welfare, safety nets, free stuff(education, benefits, and government aid); they have no appreciation for America…

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