Thursday turkeys

Turkeys on a cloudy, potentially rainy Thursday in Oakland, CA.  My wife sent in these images today from her “volunteer” work across the bridge in Oakland.  We may rightly wonder if her work was truly voluntary since her employer required it of her and her co-workers.  But, we are confident her efforts were performed in a spirit of volunteerism.

Large birds seen here.



Oakland is in the national news these days because of its crusading mayor who expresses passionate concern for “undocumented” immigrants (also known as illegal aliens, some of whom have committed violent crimes) in her community.  It is a shame that the City of Oakland has cracked down hard on homeless encampments in recent months resulting in the loss of the few possessions many homeless folks had.  Where is the concern for the homeless in Oakland, most of whom are (legal) citizens, many are persons of color, and some are veterans who served honorably?  Perhaps it is a question of priorities.

My personal opinion, perhaps jaded or cynical, is that the current mayor wants to make a name for herself.  After all, a few weeks ago, most Americans had never heard her name; and now her face, name and her public remarks are carried by the national media as she acts defiantly against federal immigration enforcement agents.

Another view of these birds just being large birds.



If we take the word, turkey, in a negative, slang sense – meaning unreliable, a failure, one full of empty promises, or stupid – then what are some of the “turkeys” of our times?

Here are some possibilities, at least in my mind.  Bastardized religion, corrupted politics, false or propagandized history, politicized education, widespread demoralizing hedonism and materialistic consumerism, moral relativism (with licentiousness replacing true freedom and personal responsibility), and the redefinition of the family.  Radicalized feminism, Marxism, and the sexual revolution obviously warrant mention here.  But, perhaps the most harmful turkeys are the closely related twins, ignorance and apathy.  Both individually and collectively, ignorance and apathy are quite costly indeed.

Large birds – blissfully ignorant – pictured here.



A final look.  Another turkey has joined the group.



Perhaps, I need a drink.  Until the next time, fare well on your journey through life.

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    1. Thanks Viking for the comment.

      Yes, the mayor may be doing just that. She has scored big points with the liberals here in California. But, any national aspirations are likely dead because of her actions these past few weeks. She could still end up in Washington one day as a Senator, but she’ll have to wait a long time. Feinstein hopes to live to be one hundred years old and will not retire. The other Senator, Harris, just got into the Senate a little more than a year ago. Being about the same age as the Oakland mayor (50s), may be in that Senate seat for decades to come.

  1. When I lived in San Francisco n the 1990s homeless people were having their shopping carts confiscated and people were even being arrested for serving food to the homeless. This was under two successive mayors–Art Agnos and Frank Jordan. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    1. Thanks Richard for your comment. Yes, the city government has yet to come up with workable, humane solutions. In 1999, then Mayor Willie Brown lamented that the problem (of homelessness) “may not be solvable”. The disparity of income levels is extreme in this city, and the cost of housing is near the highest in the nation.

    1. Yes, there are those for whom ideology comes first. Trump has said many times that he wants the criminal illegals (violent criminals and gang bangers) removed from the country. These criminal elements prey upon other illegal immigrants and on US citizens. Examples of their crimes are murders, rapes and sexual assaults, maiming people while DUI, and robberies. Oh, and drug trafficking.

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