Come Together March 10 For Tibet

The cause for Tibet and the Tibetan people is often forgotten in today’s world. The history of Tibet and the fact that, contrary to current Communist Chinese propaganda, Tibet was never an integral part of China is a topic for another day. While the world’s (and the UN’s) attention was focused on the Korean War in the early 1950s, the Chinese invaded and forcibly occupied Tibet. In March, 1959, there was an abortive uprising in Tibet against the brutal Chinese occupation. At that time, the young Dalai Lama and a relatively small number of Tibetans made the harrowing trek over the Himalayas to northern India. Nearly 60 years have passed since this uprising and the Tibetan people still suffer under Chinese domination.

The link in this reblogged post takes a little time to load. It contains much information on the many protests worldwide for Tibet to be held Saturday, 10 March. You can easily scroll down to your country of residence to see if there are any events you could attend to show your solidarity with the Tibetan people. The listing by country is alphabetical and is in English. Bear in mind, that the page takes a few moments to load.

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