slice of life Sunday: some images

Yesterday, all our troubles seemed so far away!  We leisurely strolled over to the California Academy of Science as we live within walking distance of it.  We simply relaxed and watched the world go by, so to speak.



This tree does not want to come out of its winter slumber.



Glancing up, we see this tree catching some rays from the sun.



Flowers are seen along the foot path.



Very close to our destination, we see this tree.



What would an Academy of Science be without dinosaurs?!



A very crowded day for this institution.  Here, we look down upon the front entrance area.



Another view of the dinosaur skeleton seen here.



Here we are looking across at the balcony or terrace opposite to where we were.



Looking to our left, we see this area below the roof but above the area where talks are given.



Panning the camera to our right, we see through the glass windows of the Academy’s entrance.



Walking to the end of the balcony, we get a clearer look.



Above us, a stuffed bird hangs.



On the second floor, there is a resource or reading room, like a library, with some small exhibits and many nature books for all ages, including for small children.

Here we see a lynx (we think) on a top shelf.



Another stuffed bird, a bird of prey.



A skeleton of perhaps a prehistoric flying reptile.



A fossil skeleton of a small creature.



A fossilized imprint of an ancient creature.



Walking back now, we see the balcony we had previously been hanging out on.



My wife, with an annual membership to the Academy, close by to a skeleton of a marine dinosaur (perhaps a model and not a fossil).



Here is the balcony for wealthy donors to the Academy.  To enter here, you need to give at the $2,500 level per year.  Nice, but a little too expensive for our tastes and means.



A wall ornament.  Perhaps evocative of a fractal?



Copper working noted here.  Copper is used in the metallic alloys of bronze (with tin), and brass (with zinc).



We are not sure, but this hunk of metal protruding from the wall may be an example of early copper working.



A decorative, oversized butterfly hangs outside the tropical rain forest, a permanent exhibit.



Human variation celebrated, or at least noted.



Walking home later, we had another opportunity to photograph these yellow flowers.



A final, close up look.



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  1. WOW!!!! This is such an awesome post, larryzb!! That dinosaur is so amazing!!!!!! My boys would have loved seeing that!

    And the pictures are just gorgeous! Thank you for sharing this! I really enjoyed it 😀

    1. Thanks for your comment. Yes, it was a day for families with small children to come out and “explore” what this facility has to offer.

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