Let’s encourage mothers as their efforts are critically important and so often are undervalued.

Living Fulfilled

This morning I loaded up my two boys and took them to Target. As we were in line to check out, I saw (and heard) a young boy probably three or four years old screaming and crying in his mommy’s cart. She looked frazzled, disheartened, and embarrassed. I looked around and saw everyone else looking at her. I heard the college aged kids behind me say, “Wow I don’t know how parents let that happen”. I saw her trying to quiet him down.

I looked down at my own two boys sitting there quietly and well behaved and realized there are a few things I would want to say to that mommy if I knew her.

  1. You’re not the only one. It might seem like you are the only mommy in the world who has a kid screaming and melting down in public, but you’re not. In fact, the…

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