General Patton murdered? – and other troubling thoughts

Was General Patton murdered?  And, was this murder then covered up?

Troubling questions to be sure, but these are taken up in a book that we just started reading.

Target: Patton, The Plot to Assassinate General George S. Patton, by Robert K. Wilcox, 2008, Regnery, 444 pages. 

Why would General Patton have been murdered?  Or, who would want Patton killed?  The Soviet angle is clear.  Patton saw the very real threat that the Soviets posed to both Europe and to America.  He was aware of the atrocities being committed in the Soviet zone of occupation in Germany.  He was planning on returning to the US and leaving the army (by resignation) so that he could freely tell the American people what the true situation in Europe was.  The Soviets did not want this to happen.  They had motive for wanting to silence a voice the American people would listen to.  In the book, we are told of Soviet intelligence that was leaked to members of the US Army (by anti-Communist Ukrainians) indicating the Soviets were desiring – and may have been actively plotting – the assassination of Patton.

The American angle is also clear.  Patton was too outspoken, too independent for the American top military officers in Europe and for those in FDR’s and now Truman’s war cabinet.  General Patton was seen as uncontrollable, and not willing to follow the party line as regards policy in postwar Europe.  Patton was viewed by some as wanting to start a war with the Soviets.  Since the war was over, Patton, as an excellent field general, was no longer needed by the US.  The book tells of the hatred for Patton by some senior US military officers and administrators in Europe, and among some top Washington policy makers.

(We note here in passing that General Patton believed in lifelong learning.  He was not so arrogant or pompous as to believe that he knew everything.  He continued reading on military strategy and history throughout the war years, even while commanding an army.  He had graduated from West Point at or near the top of his class.  There was a good book out some years back that speaks to this, titled The Patton Mind.)

Mr. Wilcox is not a revisionist, and Regnery, a well-respected publishing house since 1947, does not publish “revisionist” works.  Mr. Wilcox’s prose is very easy to read and the book is quite engrossing to read.  It is a thoroughly researched book that took ten years to research and write.  The author was able to interview one of the key actors in the death of General Patton, an OSS man, Douglas Bazata, who near the end of his life claimed to have killed Patton.  The author also interviewed family members of various key players in the events surrounding Patton’s auto “accident” and later death in hospital.  A good read to be sure.  The author makes a compelling case for the possibility that a plot to murder Patton existed and that his death was not caused by a “fluke” auto accident.




Other well researched, thoroughly documented, and well written books worth mentioning here that may interest some readers and that are still available on Amazon or through the various Amazon Marketplace sellers (not having been banned yet) are:

Germany’s War, The Origins, Aftermath, and Atrocities of World War II, by John Wear (American), 2014, American Free Press, 508 pages.

Stalin’s War of Extermination 1941 – 1945: Planning, Realization and Documentation, by Joachim Hoffmann (the late German researcher), softcover edition, 2015, Castle Hill Publishers (UK), 419 pages.

Back Door to War, The Roosevelt Foreign Policy 1933 – 1941, by Charles Callan Tansill, 1952, 1971, Regnery, 690 pages


other relevant history not widely known

FDR’s administration was filled with Communist spies and Jews (even mainstream or “court historians” admit this).  Contrary to what some apologists for Franklin Roosevelt assert, the man was not so much manipulated by these communists and Jews as he was filled with a strong even passionate infatuation and admiration for Joseph Stalin, and possessed by a hatred for Germany.  Hitler’s Germany had during the 1930s prospered while FDR’s New Deal was an abysmal economic failure, and Britain languished in economic depression.  Truth be told, Germany had clearly put America and Britain to shame, economically speaking.  It bears noting that international finance (headquartered in both London and New York) did not approve of Hitler’s economic program that sought to free Germany and its trading partners in central Europe from the yoke of the bankers.

(All the recent movies and television docudramas that lionize Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt in the war years are base propaganda to keep people from focusing on critical facts that contradict this glowing narrative about the virtuous and heroic Western Allies.  For those of us who know the facts, these crude, biased propaganda productions are distasteful to say the least.  Actually, quite repugnant.)

The Jews had 2 hammers to beat down 20th century Western man with.  First, Bolshevism (or perhaps it is the “Talmud for non-Jews”), which has been demonstrated time and again as being conceived by and implemented by the Jews.  (Research this for yourself online using any decent search engine.)  The second hammer was finance capitalism, which is a distortion of true free market capitalism,  The latter is the engine of economic growth that produces economic opportunity for a nation’s citizens.  The former, the distortion of capitalism, serves to reduce the majority of citizens to economic servitude to the kings of finance.  Both of these hammers were opposed to Germany in the 1930s and 1940s.  Germany was literally stuck or caught between these two powerful forces.

(But, say you, the Germans deserved every thing they got during and after the war ended because of the holocaust.  Sorry to have to rain on your parade, but the Jews themselves committed a Freudian slip when they published population statistics for world Jewry after the war that failed to show a decline in world Jewish population of several millions from the 1939 figures.  Consider the figure put out by the International Red Cross that inspected these concentration camps during the war: 271,000 deaths from all causes for all nationalities.  The lack of both forensic and document evidence for the holocaust rightly lead people to discount the official tale.  “Eye witness” testimony not corroborated by forensic evidence must be considered hearsay.  (Take the holocaust deprogramming course over at the blog site of the same name.  It may help you.)  As more people are coming to see, the real holocaust was what was visited upon the Germans during and after the war.  Another holocaust was what the Jewish Bolsheviks did to the Slavs in the Soviet Union in the 1920s, 1930s, and 1940s.  The death toll for that holocaust is in the tens of millions!)

We do not really care for Harry Truman, the Freemason.  Although it must be noted that he did clean out many of the communists in the US federal government after taking over after the death of FDR.  Eisenhower was a war criminal who after the end of hostilities in Europe, had more than a million disarmed German POWs starved to death in the months after the war in the infamous camps along the Rhine River.  Also, Allied occupation policies in Germany led to several million German deaths in the 5 years immediately following the war.  The forced expulsions from the East of German civilians accounted for many of these deaths.  The barbarities and monstrous outrages committed by the Red Army beggar belief.  (Jews had a hand in these.  Henry Morgenthau, FDR’s Treasury Secretary, had an insane, fanatical hatred of Germans and promoted his plan, named after him, for starving Germans after the war.  Ilya Ehrenberg, Stalin’s Jewish propagandist for the Red Army, incited the barbarities committed on a mass scale by the Russians in eastern Germany.)

With President Kennedy, we had a president that had hinted at revealing a dangerous behind the scenes plot that he had become aware of, and then he was murdered.  JFK had also opposed Israel’s nuclear ambitions (atomic bomb) as he thought that a nuclear armed Israel would destabilize the entire region.  David Ben Gurion, Israel’s president at the time, hated John Kennedy.  Not widely known is that under President Kennedy some dollars (currency) were issued by Congress (as the Constitution allows for) and not by the so-called Federal Reserve.  This angered the bankers who saw that their control of the nation’s money supply was threatened.

JFK wanted to warn the country of forces working to harm it, much like General Patton wanted to warn the country he loved of the existential threat posed by Soviet communism.

Just a couple of days after President Kennedy was murdered, his alleged assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald, was himself shot down in the basement garage of a Dallas police station by one Jakob Rubenstein.  You likely only know him by his assumed name, Jack Ruby.  Oswald had said that he was a “patsy” while in custody after the assassination.  We will never know for sure who killed President Kennedy.

There was one clear change in US policy just days after President Kennedy was killed.  Starting with LBJ, no US president has ever seriously opposed Israel or its policies in any substantive manner, or to any serious extent.  The US has time and again looked the other way when Israel committed acts of aggression or crimes.  Carter pressured Menachem Begin into peace with Sadat’s Egypt.  Then, after expressing concern for the Palestinians, Carter was smeared as being “anti-Semitic”.  But, he was booted out of office before he could become too much of a nuisance to Israel.  Obama, despite the tantrum by Israel over the recent Iran nuclear deal, never did anything serious to oppose or restrict Israel.  As well, Obama furthered the domestic agenda of US Jews and that is why they supported him.

It must be observed that Jews do seem to be motivated by hate.  As well, virtually every Jewish religious festival celebrates or memorializes some battle or some other event that involved bloodshed (even Passover).  We have already on this blog addressed the Jewish revolutionary nature, and the great harm that has done to Western civilization.

the situation today

The twisted, delusional, heretical Christian Zionists are the enablers of the Jews and the pro-Israeli lobby in the US.  (We are not opposing nor attacking authentic Christianity and true Christians here.  We are condemning this vile heresy of Christian Zionism, a heretical strain of American Protestantism, that is not found in Orthodox Christianity nor in Roman Catholicism.)

America fights her wars in the Middle East for the benefit of Israel, which desires its neighbors to be weakened by internal strife, civil wars and revolutions with much loss of life.  (Why is it that ISIS and al-Qaeda have not attacked Israel?  Things that make you wonder.)

The next time the Jews succeed in driving the nations of the world to war, a world war, it will not be tens of millions that will die, but possibly billions of human beings. So, you insane Christian Zionists, you worshippers of the Jews, you will be culpable for your desired “end times”, and for bringing Hell to Earth.  For such villainy, do not look for a reward in Heaven or for joyous  participation in a “Rapture”.  As God hates the shedding of innocent blood (as noted in the Old Testament), enablers of the future conflagration will be judged quite harshly.  Gog and Magog.  Bolshevism and Zionism (both are anti-Christ).  The errors spread by the Jews of Russia.

What more can we say at this time?  Enough for now.  Brand me as “anti-Semitic”, I care not.

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  1. Hi Larry,

    I just came across your post.

    Evidence does point to Patton being assassinated by the communist Jews. They have so much blood on their hands. Do you follow smoloko or Henry Makow? They’ve also touched up on this subject.

    Any real threat to their NWO will be assassinated or locked up with sworn. No US president has ever seriously opposed Israel or its policies in any substantive manner, or to any serious extent because they’re probably either crypto Jews or willing puppets for the Jews. Since JFK was murdered, there’s never been a real US president since. Just like almost all world leaders, except the countries who are currently being bombed in the hopes of regime change.

    Amazon are sure to ban a lot of books, since it’s controlled by the Jews, as much as they already control pretty much everything else.

    Zionism and Wahhabism, are two sides of the same coin and serving Israel’s interests. In Islam, ISIS, Boko haram ect are the Khawarij, which I’ve talked a bit about on my blog, It seems the media would play the major role in winning recruits with all their pro-Israel and pro-war propaganda to brainwash the masses into fighting over in the Middle East by means of deception.

    Even though true Muslims, like true Christians, oppose Israel and Zionism, a lot of them are so brainwashed by the anti-Assad propaganda and the “butchering his own people” garbage, they’re indirectly supporting Israel and its propaganda. It’s these kind, along with anyone else that haven’t figured out the media’s dirty tricks yet, that will help drive us to another world war, maybe even a nuclear war.

  2. “Brand me as “anti-Semitic”, I care not.”

    Great article. Your comment about anti-semitism is a sad reminder of how that phrase, and others, have been overused and therefore lost their meaning. Labels and name calling seem to be the last resort of those that are on the losing side of an argument.

    1. Thanks WR for your comment. Yes, name calling or ad hominem attacks are often used as a last resort and as a substitute for reasoned debate. Sadly, public discourse in the US these days usually devolves rather quickly into name calling as people shout past each other and do not listen to each other.

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