Symbiotic Relationship between Cosmo-Prog Elites and Materialist Non-Whites – White Politics and Ideographics – California’s Failure of Democracy under Tribe-and-Bribe Rule

We are going to reblog this politically incorrect but insightful analysis for 2 reasons. 1. It speaks of the present outcome in California of progressive liberalism. The reason I am making plans to leave this state in the next couple of years is the diktats coming out of Sacramento that are taking away citizens’ rights and are largely unopposed by the masses here. 2. This analysis makes you think. And, on the topic of white consciousness or white racial pride, why is it that every group BUT whites can take pride in their ethnic or racial identity?! Whites need to stop hating themselves. Multiculturalism is code speak for destruction of Western and Christian civilization. Who benefits from that?


  1. The Marxist Jews have won not because of the millions of illegal immigrants they’ve brought in, but because of the millions of ‘Progs’ (white liberals) that they’ve brainwashed to hate their own race! This was a propaganda coup if ever there was one!

    1. Yes, the forces that have worked for the destruction of Western, Christian civilization have had many willing “useful idiots” or traitors to aid them.

      We have of late wondered how might Europe and the US have developed “organically”, so to speak, in the past couple of centuries without the Jewish schemes and revolutionary movements. How might the world be in the year 2018 if there had been no Bolshevism, no Zionism, no Cultural Marxism (including radical feminism)? What if there were not two world wars (fomented and caused by World Jewry)?!

      The book I am reading on General Patton points out just how rabidly pro-Soviet FDR was; and his policies forced on to the US Army led to Stalin being able to capture and bolshevize central Europe with much human suffering.

      The turning point for the US was in the last years of the 19th century and the early years of the 20th century when Jews were allowed to emigrate to the US in very large numbers from eastern Europe. Once a person becomes “Jew aware”, there really is no turning back. When you realize how this one self interested, chauvinistic group has been largely responsible for so much harm in society, so much needless suffering in the world, you can no longer go along with the propaganda, but you are motivated to resist. This is why we so vehemently condemn the vile heresy of Christian Zionism on this blog. (Logging off for now – will be back tomorrow.)

      1. Amen, Larry. We “in the know” have no choice but to resist this evil, because it is practically a bottomless pit!

        I continue to be appalled at the apathy of so-called “Christians” in regard to this life-threatening menace. Particularly the ones that I do my best to educate, on my email list. I have sent some really eye-popping articles to them about this menace from the Jews, but all I ever seem to get from them is the sound of crickets! Drives me crazy! What will it take to get these people actively involved? I just cannot understand their apathy.

      2. Yes, there are many who would rather remain in a state of denial than confront an unpleasant truth. This can be more so if the individual had invested his\her faith and energy and emotions in the heresy of Christian Zionism. Many folks find it hard to admit they made a mistake.

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