We are going to reblog this politically incorrect but insightful analysis for 2 reasons. 1. It speaks of the present outcome in California of progressive liberalism. The reason I am making plans to leave this state in the next couple of years is the diktats coming out of Sacramento that are taking away citizens’ rights and are largely unopposed by the masses here. 2. This analysis makes you think. And, on the topic of white consciousness or white racial pride, why is it that every group BUT whites can take pride in their ethnic or racial identity?! Whites need to stop hating themselves. Multiculturalism is code speak for destruction of Western and Christian civilization. Who benefits from that?

Andrea Daily & Weekly

It’s odd…

In order for White Libs to push their Cosmo-Prog agenda, they must rely on blacks and non-white colonizers for votes. But many of these non-whites are not into Cosmo-Prog agenda.
They vote for Democrats only because they want Open Borders(so that more of their kind can gain access to the material wealth of the US) and Federal programs(without which blacks would be totally lost). It’s purely mercenary, not ideological.

It’s like the European proggy ‘left’ depends on Muslim and African voters who don’t care about the cosmo-proggy agenda, especially pertaining to Gay Rites and Queertianity. Oftentimes, these non-whites are even less proggy than native ‘rightists’ and ‘conservatives’ are. Yet, they vote for the Proggy party because it offers them access to the material goodies of the better-managed West.

What will result from all such twisted symbiosis? Virginia and France turn more proggy because the Prog elites win with…

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