hiking Cave Spring Trail – part two

We continue now on our hike.



We quickly come to the second of two wooden ladders on the trail.



After climbing the ladder, we see this narrow path or gap between the rocks.  There were a couple of narrow spots and ledges along the trail that required some caution to pass through.



This time, my hiking companion was second to scale the ladder.



We begin walking on the roof so to speak and traverse the slick rock.



A look to a distant hill of red rock (looking generally to the east).



Big sky above, one is happy in the moment.



A relatively small, natural pot hole, one of many in this district of the national park.



This 2 layered rock is found on many trails here.  The different colored layers formed at different times in the geologic past.



This shot shows a solitary tree, or more likely a solitary group of trees, growing out of gaps in the rock and framed by a partly cloudy Spring sky.  An interesting view.



Another view of the “slick rock” we walked over,  This slick rock is found throughout southeast Utah, northern Arizona and even in the state parks in southernmost Nevada.  It may also be found in southwest Colorado, but we have not travelled there and do not know for certain.



A closer view of the distant red hill.  We can see broken terrain in the foreground.



Getting closer now to the broken area we will pass by.



An example of a rock shelf that forms these rooms that we passed through earlier.



A view from above of what we passed through earlier when we were on the trail below.



Progressing along over the slick rock.



Another nearby view.



The hikers below us are further along the trail than we are.  As we started our hike after this other party, we had the trail to ourselves.



Lucy holds up the rock.



Striations or bands of color and changes in texture in the rock surface are visible here.



A curve in the trail as we move from shade back into sunlight.  Note the cairn at lower left.  This marker is not really needed when the trail is clearly visible to hikers.



A nearby rock wall.



Another nearby scene.



Walking leisurely along the winding and mostly level trail.



We think we caught some glare from the sun above in this pic of the rocks.



More rocks along the path.



Nature’s abstract art?



Following the trail back towards the parking area.



Texture and color changes in the rock wall are seen in this image.



Another nearby view.



Now, near the end of the trail, we pass through one last large room with overhanging rock ceiling.



A moment later, we can see the extent of the rock ceiling above.



Nearly finished.



A glance back as we approach the parking area.



Thanks for tagging along with us.

copyright 2018 – larrysmusings.com

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