an evening along the river

After dinner in Moab, after our long day in Arches NP, we drove along scenic highway Utah 279 to a stop on the banks of the lazy Colorado River in mid May, 2016.



Here is another nearby view looking up river to the east.



Looking across the road and parking area, and to the northwest, we see this rock outcropping.



A nearby view of the recreation area with parking and tents.



Now, with the sun at our backs, we take this shot looking generally to the northeast.  We cast shadows visible in the bottom of the image.  This view reminds us that we are in a desert environment.



Walking among the tents people have pitched for staying over night near the river.



With the rapidly changing natural lighting, we capture this view looking down river.



Another scene nearby with the river not being easily visible.



Walking down to the river’s edge, we get this view.  Rafting river tours pass by this area a few times each day.



The cooler air of the evening is refreshing for us down by the river.



This scenic route continues on to the potash works and a dirt road that can be taken up into the Island in The Sky district of Canyonlands NP.  That old (once used during uranium mining days?) road is best travelled by a high clearance off-road vehicle.  Back in May, 1996 (20 years earlier), I drove from Canyonlands down that road in a minivan.  There was one bad spot I had been warned about where the rock shelf steps down to another rock shelf.  This is where a high clearance vehicle is needed.  By going very slowly and likely whispering a prayer, my car was not damaged.  Near the end of that road, you pass by at river level the large rock plateau or butte that is seen in the famous and iconic photos taken from Dead Horse Point State Park. 



Another nearby scene.  In many parts of southern Utah, colorful rock formations are plentiful.



Sedimentary rock layers formed from ancient seas and ancient sand dunes upthrust by geologic forces.



Now, driving back towards Moab, we see this from the passenger window of the car.  River and rock wall.



After carefully stopping the car, I take in this view.  The river can barely be seen in the far right of the image.



With a break in the foliage, we can again see the lazy river and the far shore with canyon rock wall.



Clouds, rock and river.  A zen flash on this May evening.



Later, we capture a piece of the sunset along Interstate 70 not far from the town of Green River.



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