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A number of blog posts or essays have captured our attention in the past couple of weeks.  We think that some of these essays may interest our readers.  Rather than reblog several of these insightful and thought provoking posts, we will include links to these for readers to choose from.  It is up to you to click on any of these links, read the articles, and reflect upon them.

The main subject areas are family (including foster children) and children related (bullying in school, travelling with children, fatherless children).  But, we also include an essay with some good advice for wives on not losing their husband’s love, and also share a link to a post on cancer and modern medicine.  A final linked post briefly discusses anger.  The children of the world represent the future of humanity, and as such it is critically important that we try to raise them to be responsible adults who will live constructive lives.  The family, the traditional family, is critically important to the future of the human race.




the links

Amanda makes an impassioned plea to school administrators for giving a troubled foster child another chance.  The underlying question is how many chances ought we give to someone to reform his/her troubled life?  Is there a limit to forgiveness and patience?  Perhaps, we ought not be too quick in giving up on troubled children.  The loss of or waste of human potential is terrible.

a letter to school administrators from a foster momma

Children need both parents in the home.  The damaging effects of divorce on children are often overlooked.

the best mom can’t make up for a dad

Nancy writes on how we may end or at least reduce childhood bullying (anti-social and abusive behavior).

Can Schools End Bullying?

Stephanie writes an insightful post for wives who wish to avoid pitfalls in their marriage.

Don’t Ruin Your Husband’s Love Toward You

A post on tips for engaging children in travel.

How to travel with children

Celine writes on helping orphaned children in far off lands.  The question arises as to who we can help better, more effectively: those near us or those on the other side of the world.

Mission Trip no-no

A post on cancer and modern medicine, and what we can learn from this disease in dogs.

canine cancer: what can we learn

A short essay on anger.

anger management

end of post

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