Trump: a victim of his own hand-picked advisors?

President Trump has consciously (perhaps purposely) surrounded himself with zio-neocon war hawks.  His most recent addition to his team of advisors, John Bolton, is yet another example proving my first statement.  As well, we have previously noted on this blog the preponderance of Jews in Trump’s administration and his inner circle.

Trump is, via his tweets, threatening acts of war against Syria and Syria’s leader, Bashar al Assad over this alleged chemical attack of a few days ago.



Questions for thinking about:

1.  There were reports last week on some Internet sites saying that Israel was insisting that the US go to war against Russia, Iran and Syria as soon as possible.  This was before this alleged chemical attack had occurred.  Is the timing of this alleged chemical attack on civilians in Syria merely coincidental to Israel’s calls for war?

2.  Why the rush to judgment and to possible actions (acts of war) over this alleged incident?  Is not the more prudent course to investigate to determine if a chemical attack did occur, and if so, who was responsible for it?  This is what the Russian ambassador to the UN has been calling for at the UN Security Council these past few days.  (One is reminded of the rush to clear the debris in lower Manhattan from the collapse of the twin WTC towers in 2001.  A crime scene needs to be fully investigated before it is sanitized (cleared away with possible critical evidence destroyed).)

3. Is this the way a great nation ought to conduct its foreign policy, by the chief executive rushing to judgment and rashly threatening both minor countries and major powers, via Twitter?

4. When will we have open, honest, and reasoned debate over US foreign policy in that hellish region of the world, the Middle East?  Is this not allowable in our supposedly free society?  One question as part of such a debate would be and is: What (specifically, precisely) are the US objectives in the Middle East and North Africa?  What are our “vital” interests in the region?

5.  Who benefits from these military operations and wars the US undertakes in the region?  Surely, the US does not!  With much blood and treasure expended since 2001, where is the benefit for the American people?  The fact of the matter is that the US does not need oil from the Middle East as we have plenty of our own both onshore and offshore.  (Let the Europeans, the Chinese and the Japanese defend Middle East oil fields if they want to.)  Precious Israel does not need US protection.  As everyone in the region knows, Israel possesses WMDs (atomic bombs, plenty of these) and also possesses the will to use these as has been conveyed to Israel’s neighbors over the years.  As to the so-called War on Terror, the aim ought to be destroying terror networks and punishing and deterring their state sponsors, not nation building and long-term military occupation (as has occurred in Afghanistan, and for a shorter period in Iraq).  Hmmm, as to state sponsors, we need to look critically at the oil rich gulf states and to Riyadh (from where did the Islamic State get so much of its funding?!).

recent history made by the US in North Africa and the Middle East

After 16 plus years of occupation, the Afghans are awfully tired of US troops in their country.  Some recent reports assert that roughly 2/3 of the country is again controlled by the rather resilient Taliban.

Iraq is a fractured society that will be building and rebuilding for decades to come and is not likely to ever be a true and stable nation state.

What have been the fruits of the so-called Arab Spring of 2011, promoted and approved by then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama?  First, consider Libya today, several years after Colonel Moammar Gaddafi was deposed.  There are now slave markets in Libya.  The ongoing refugees and migrants crossing the Mediterranean Sea to Italy are coming through Libya from other African countries.  Libya internally, despite the outward façade of a government of national unity, is divided up among various radical and anti-Western groups.  The Libyan people by any objective measures are worse off now than they were under their long time leader, Gaddafi.  (To be fair, the Europeans share guilt here.  They used the shrill and distorted headline that Gaddafi was going to use his military against his own people in Benghazi as their justification for their bombing runs against Libya in 2011.  The old Colonel was going to put down a rebellion by what we now know were not democrats but murderous fanatics of various stripes.)

For seven years, as part of the spreading Arab Spring of early 2011, many diverse groups have been striving to topple Assad in Syria.  To what purpose?  We know that Israel feels threatened by any strong nationalist leader anywhere in the world (as nationalism equals “anti-Semitism”).  From very early on, the US government has been calling for the removal of Assad.  Yet, there is no credible evidence that Assad has supported any terrorism directed against the US.  One of the blow backs against the West in Syria has been the millions of Syrian refugees that have flowed into Europe in the past few years.  Has it really been all that wise to destabilize Syria since 2011?  As in Libya, the Syrian people were better off prior to this civil war than they are now.  As well, Christians in Syria were not being slaughtered for their religious beliefs prior to the start of this unwanted “civil” war (really an attempt at regime change).

The endless lethal drone strikes throughout the region by the US that often kill innocent civilians (non-terrorists) are serving to create many more enemies for America.

Another very troubling development in the past 3 years is the proxy war being fought between the Saudis and Iran in Yemen.  The Saudi blockade of Yemen has created a staggering humanitarian crisis in that country, the brunt of which is being born by the Yemeni women and children (non-combatants).  Millions are at risk of death through disease and malnutrition.  President Trump enjoys approving arms sales to the Saudis, who then use some of these arms against the poor Yemeni civilians.

my advice for President Trump

Stop listening to the war hawks in your cabinet and your inner circle.  As well, do not listen to psychopaths like Senator John McCain.  Try leading for a change in the area of foreign policy.  Keep the interests of the American people foremost in mind.  As well, be a peacemaker – you have the power to be a force for good in the world.  Do not squander that opportunity to promote peace.

parting shot

Not yet time for a shot of whiskey here on the West Coast of North America, but the current troubles of the world are enough to drive a simple man to drinking, sorry to say.

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  1. I fully understand the need for a drink sometimes, Larry, but from my long experience with drinking, I can assure you that it is FLAT-OUT NOT WORTH IT! I wasted probably 35 years of my life drinking, paying attention to practically everything EXCEPT what was really important! We need all hands on deck now, and can ill-afford anyone dropping out to drown their sorrows!

    I am greatly concerned about what is happening in Syria, and the mad rush to judgment and war, without any regard to the obtaining and carefully examining what the real facts are. before taking what could prove to be apocalyptic action. I have often asked myself the question in the past week, “Has the whole world gone MAD?”, after seeing one “expert” after another on Fox News once more calling for “regime change” in the Middle East. Have these “experts” learned absolutely NOTHING from recent history? We DID “regime change” in Iraq, and look at the results! Iraq was close to being a first-world country in 2003, before we invaded it. There was no sign of terrorism in it at all. Now it is a totally failed state in a civil war, with suicide bombings coming practically every week. Is this the US idea of bringing “democracy” to a country?

    The same can be said of Libya, which by far the most advanced country in all of Africa, before the US and NATO decided Gaddafi was a “brutal dictator” that just had to be removed for the benefit of the Libyan people. Gaddafi had used his oil to pay for free education and health care for the Libyan people. He was close to adopting a new gold-backed currency for all of Africa to use, which probably was like signing his own death warrant. I’ll never forget how the Libyan rebels took time off from their war against Gaddafi to create a CENTRAL BANK there! (Hello? Does that make any sense?) What especially galls me is how all the “hip” liberals watch Hillary Clinton gloat about killing Gaddafi (“We came, we saw, he DIED!”), thinking “Wow! Isn’t she COOL? I’m with HER!” I mean, these people are DISGUSTINGLY IGNORANT!

    Now look at Libya. It’s being used to funnel “refugees” from the rest of Africa into Europe. And liberals applaud THAT! What in the hell is wrong with these people?

    The situation is just the same in Syria , except now it’s 1,000 times more perilous. Syria is allied with Iran, Russia and China, the latter two being nuclear superpowers. This was not the case earlier with either Iraq or Libya. We can’t just go in there, topple their (maybe not elected, but popular) leader, and expect everything will be rosy afterward, when recent history proves just the opposite will in fact happen. The truth is (something never told in the Neocon Zionist Western media) we need Assad out of the way in order to build a natural gas pipeline from Qatar through Turkey and on into Europe. The Western PTB can’t afford to allow Russia build a competing gas pipeline from Iran through Syria, and then into Europe. No, the real truth about why we are so concerned about Assad (and Russia) can’t be told, for obvious reasons. It would simply not wash with the people to find out that all these military incursions in the Middle East will only benefit oil-soaked billionaires, mainly in the UK and the US. It never was intended to benefit We the People.

    Trump is being blackmailed into accepting this agenda, I’m afraid. I don’t think he is honestly for it, but I also think he is worried shitless that they are going to show pictures of him cavorting with someone even worse than Stormy Daniels. That will finish off his marriage with Melania, and probably finish his Presidency. Unfortunately, in order to (in vain) try to save his own sorry ass, he could end up dragging the entire world in a nuclear nightmare, by showing what a he-man he is starting a massive attack in Syria, which WILL be followed shortly by an equally massive attack from Russia on the US Navy and Air Force stationed in the Middle East. They’ve already said “This is how we will respond”, but that doesn’t seem to deter any slobbering warmongers on both Capitol Hill and Fox News. I don’t watch them, but I’m sure it’s the same way on “liberal” CNN and MSNBC,

    This is total insanity, and nobody seems to care!

    1. You raise several good points, Stephen. Let me address a few of these. First, my parting shot was partly tongue in cheek and partly serious. Yes, one must be careful not to become an alcoholic. I drink in moderation. Thanks for the sound advice.

      Next, Fox News has lost all credibility with true conservatives (those that do not want the country involved in needless and costly foreign adventures (aka wars)). As to Iraq in 2003, we, the US, had essentially told them throughout the 1990s that even if they did comply with the UN resolutions after Gulf War One, we would not lift the sanctions against them. That approach does not give a regime any incentive to comply with UN resolutions. The Iraqi population suffered during the 1990s and up to the war in 2003, especially the Iraqi children. This is another example of the kind of peace that the US makes after victorious wars (earlier examples were the so-called “Reconstruction” after the so-called Civil War in the late 1860s and early 1870s, and again in Germany after World War II. Punitive and vengeful peace by an altruistic and morally superior victor. Go figure.

      You are quite correct that the controlled news media never gives the people the whole truth and all the facts, partly because these dimwits are controlled and partly because most of these journalists are too damn lazy to do any true investigative reporting (there are a few rare exceptions) and thus do not know all the facts themselves.

      Saddam Hussein and Moammar Ghaddafi wanted to get away from the US dollar and they were removed from power. But, now that both China and Russia also want to move away from dollar denominated transactions, what is the US to do? It cannot bully the big boys on the block. All this strife and provocation is insane and only serves one group on the planet. The one group that benefits when we all lose.

      Please define “PTB” above, as we are not familiar with that abbreviation.

      In my post above, I placed blame on Clinton and Obama for encouraging and helping to spread this “Arab Spring”. Some of these strong men were not saints, but in that miserable part of the world, they were keeping things stable. Why are we stuck in the Middle East? Because of our past choices and actions there, and because the US is effectively controlled by the Israeli Lobby and their useful idiot Christian Zionist lackeys.

      As to your last paragraph, if Trump gets the US into another war in the Middle East, he is through. A one term president, who will be derailed from doing anything meaningful either domestically or in foreign relations for the remainder of his one term. Yes, I am surprised that Melania stays with the guy, but that may be her desire for their son to have both his parents together. Thankfully, Russia is standing up to the US and saying ENOUGH. The US has to be reined in.

    1. Infowars is Alex Jones’ site, right? Jones has been outed by some as a shill for Israel. Notice how he always avoids connecting Israel and/or Jews with these behind the scenes forces or elites or New World Order types or these shadowy Illuminati that he claims are so evil. He can shed tears in his YouTube vids when it is expedient to do so. Sorry to be so hard on him, but I think he has good acting ability but question where his real loyalties lie.

      1. True, Infowars is Alex Jones’ site. And also true that he is a disinfo agent covering up for the Zionists and Marxist Jews. But in spite of that, I frequently go to this site to get breaking news. The video at the above link is done by Paul Joseph Watson, a longtime regular at Infowars who has a real talent for rapid-fire dissemination of the Truth. He’s at his best in this video. Hope Trump will watch it.

      2. Thanks for the clarification. I will check out the video. And, yes. let us all hope that Trump will exercise restraint.

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