Here is a timely piece on recent events in the Middle East. Food for thought for concerned citizens.

Fearless Freedom Press

Editor’s Note: Pretty interesting commentary from Paul Craig Roberts – and some very interesting suggestions regarding Russia’s positioning in the ‘Syrian crisis’. Certianly some points not being discussed in the zionist controlled media.

Are We Over the US/UK Fomented Crisis In Syria?


It appears from the very limited US missile attack, most of which were intercepted and destroyed by Syrian air defenses, that the US military prevailed over the crazed John Bolton and carefully avoided a strike that would have resulted in a Russian response. No significant Syrian site appears to have been targeted, and no Russians were endangered.

The US ambassador to Russia said that the US strikes were coordinated with Russia to avoid a great power confrontation. Russia Insider concludes that the exercise was a face-saver for Trump

The main effect seems to be that Trump has further discredited himself and the…

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