There they are – in the crosswalks of the busy and dangerous intersection.  As well, we see them all around us on the bus or on the street car.  People of all ages, all races/ethnicities, of all political stripes and from all socioeconomic backgrounds sharing a collective and an individual addiction to these high-tech gadgets known as Iphones, cell phones, Ipads, Ipods, etc.

Do not tell me that you have failed to notice this, too.

Young people walk in the cross walk at very busy intersections in this city with their eyes not on their surroundings but glued to the tiny screen of their hand-held device.  One must walk defensively as well as drive defensively for safety as not all motorists here obey the traffic laws.  (There are frequent news reports of hit and run accidents involving pedestrians and autos.)

From time to time, I must take the public transit downtown to conduct personal business.  All around me on the street car, I see almost every other rider with their eyes and hands engaged on these small trinkets of technology that offer virtual, but not authentic, social interactions for the user.  Others see me chuckle to myself if and when they look up to give their eyes a short break.  I do not even own such a device (my wife does, but I do not).  On the bus, it is a little bit better but only because some of the riders are poorer and likely do not have a high-tech device, or have not been able to replace one that was stolen from them in public places.

As we become more and more dependent upon technology, are we becoming further removed from many of the realities of life?  Can this be such a good thing?  Consider, if the Internet goes down for a long time, and a person cannot call up a tutorial or a YouTube DIY (do it yourself) video clip, how is that person going to be able to fix something that breaks, especially if that person has no prior hands on experience with doing such manual, mechanical tasks?

There is a zen to raking the leaves manually rather than polluting the air with a gas-powered leaf blower.  As well, seeing a beautiful sunset or sunrise in person out-of-doors in real time is better than merely looking at a photo of one shared a million times across several social media platforms.  Face to face, in person, conversations are preferable to simply typing witty comments on Facebook.  Reading a book, an old fashioned one with paper pages and binding, helps to develop the mind more effectively than relying too heavily on video programs, and is easier on the eyes than a computer screen (e-books).  Children ought to be encouraged to get out and play sports, ride bikes, hike and/or swim rather than only watching these kinds of activities on television.

We can benefit if we remember to try to live a real, authentic life, and not merely be passive spectators in a virtual world of the technocrats’ making.  Be conscious of how you choose to live your life.  Years from now, it would be a pity if you regret missing much of life by having expended too much time (a scarce and precious resource) in virtual apps, in simulations of reality.  Virtual reality is a very poor substitute for real experiences, joys and sorrows.  Accepting the virtual, the simulated in place of the real serves to make us less human, it seems to me.

Just some food for thought.  One wonders what the future might be like based on the way things are now if the trends continue.

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