whoever controls the mass media controls the narrative

This sociological aphorism bears repeating: whoever controls the mass media controls the narrative on any and all topics, and thus controls the popular thought of the culture.  If knowledge/information is power, then the control of the access to, and the flow of information gives the controller(s) great power indeed.

Control of the mass media is achieved through ownership of the following: the publishing houses for books (including text books used in higher education), the motion picture  companies (movies and television programs), the print media (leading periodicals such as newspapers and magazines), and broadcast media (TV and radio networks).  Control of the mass media is also exercised by those in executive positions within the above industries.  Of course, the owners of said industries do actively set the hiring philosophies within these corporations.  Ownership and executives in these corporations decide what we see or hear of as news, and what we do not see nor hear of in the news.  The same is true for what passes for history in our text books and in television documentaries and movies.  History is easily turned into propaganda.  It is all about controlling the access to and the flow of information.

It is quite similar with the large Internet companies.  Consider the search algorithms put together at Google.  These are coded such that politically incorrect articles and websites do not appear high, if at all, in search results or listings.  And, then there are the news feed items and blocked or censored pages at Facebook.  Amazon did a high-tech book burning in March, 2017 of many books that were condemned by one particular ethnic cum religious minority.  Book sales were banned and physical copies destroyed.  Even independent Marketplace sellers could no longer sell these forbidden titles.  YouTube, owned by Google, has also dropped many documentaries, and not due to copyright infringements, but because these did not adhere to the current, controlled narrative on various topics.  Censorship?  A reduction of freedom of speech in various forms?  You decide.

One may consider academia or higher education in the US to be ancillary to the mass media insofar as indoctrination occurs in college and university lecture halls and classrooms rather than the development of the students’ critical thinking abilities.

Some food for thought.  We are expected to go along to get along in these politically correct times.  Yet, a healthy skepticism is warranted.  Following the herd, being kept in a state of ignorance, and being fully enmeshed in group think are distasteful to some of us.

And, that’s it.  This is not Sunday sunset sophistry.  Perhaps, if we had waited a few days, this might be a candidate for Wednesday wisdom.

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