among the stones: a walk in Arches NP

Here are some images captured while leisurely hiking in Arches NP in eastern Utah in May, 2016.  This appears to have been in the Garden of Eden area located between Balanced Rock and Double Arch.  (We have previously posted images taken in those 2 areas.)

Fantastic shapes are seen in the eroded rocks.



A closer view of these impressive rock formations.



Looking in another direction, we see rocky, upthrust pinnacles near and far.  A rather unique corner of the universe is here in the US southwest.



We include this image as we see from a slightly different angle that the rock to the left has a thumb like projection that was not easily discernible in the earlier shots.



It is now getting on towards late morning, but there is still shade in between the rocks.  There is much walking right on top of various layers of this ubiquitous sandstone “slick rock”.



The sun is behind this rock which produces the hint of a halo or aura to the rock.



We are now approaching the large rock in the left of this complex formation.  From a shady area in the shadow of the large pinnacle, we capture this image.



Another nearby view.  The shade has the effect of accentuating some hues of color in the rocks.  As well, in our experience, the early morning, low angle sun produces more appealing colors in the rocks than the midday or early afternoon sun.  The same scene in different light can appear quite different.



This was an enjoyable, short hike.  In this place, which was not at the time crowded at all, a person can forget for a moment his or her worries and concerns.  The troubles of the world are far away in space and seemingly in time as well.



Looking now to our left, we take in this scene.  This appears to be the thumblike projection seen from a distance in an earlier image (above).  One wonders how very many sunrises and sunsets these rocks have seen over the very long time scales of geologic time.  If the rocks could speak . . .   The outcropping in the right of this picture is actually some distance away.



A closer look showing texture, color, and the play of light and shade framed by a blue sky.



What can you see in the rock here?  An immoveable stone Buddha sitting on a rock?



Among the rocks, one sometimes just wants to reach out and touch them, and connect with them.  The shade combined with a light breeze kept us cool.



As we walk back down, we glance back at the shady space between the rocks we just passed through.  This is a nice view.  As you are walking over rock, caution is needed to avoid slipping or falling.  The rock is quite hard and injuries are easy to come by.



A nearer view of a rock pinnacle.



More nearby scenery.



Done with this peaceful and eerily enchanting area of the park, we drive on to the next section.



A short time later, a happy park visitor smiles for the camera.



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