analysis: Pastor Hagee’s 2007 speech to AIPAC

Where to begin?



the speech

Last week, I watched a replay of Pastor Hagee’s 2007 Speech to AIPAC on JBS television (Jewish Broadcasting System, one of the channels carried on our satellite television service).  AIPAC stands for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee and is the face of the pro-Israel political lobby here in the US.

This speech was red meat for Christian Zionists (CZs) anywhere in the world.  Early in the speech, Hagee tells the audience that when Israel’s air force destroyed Saddam Hussein’s French built nuclear complex in Iraq in June, 1981 (with consent by silence from then US President Ronald Reagan), he, Hagee, believed that Israel had done the world a favor.  He tells of being in Israel in the late 1970s and brushing up against Jews at the famous Wailing Wall in Jerusalem.  This gave Hagee pause to consider that he knew next to nothing about these people.  He speaks briefly about promoting a respect for Jews from his church in San Antonio, Texas, and working with like-minded Christians to build a nationwide support system for Jews and their interests among Christians in America.

The remainder of the speech devolves into a blustery promotion of the Jews as perpetual victims with many references to the holocaust (of the 1940s).  Of course, this is classic Zionist justification for Israel being established in 1948 at the cost of the local inhabitants of Palestine.  The effect of his complaining of the holocaust is to make people believe that the Jews are always innocent victims and can never be victimizers or villains.  As well, he vilified the then president of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad for daring to deny the holocaust and for allegedly threatening Israel (we say “allegedly threatening” because a literal translation from the Farsi of Ahmadinejad’s remarks do not give a sense of threatened nuclear annihilation).

Towards the end of the speech, he quotes a portion of one verse from the New Testament (John, Chapter 4, verse 22) that reads “. . . for salvation is from the Jews.”  (Such obvious cherry picking of fragments of verses is troublesome to say the least.)  His near adoration of the Jews in the audience and by extension of those over in Israel is very obvious at this point of the speech.  He credits Judaism as being the origin of Christianity while ignoring the obvious disconnect for true Christians: one either accepts Christ as Lord and Savior, or one rejects Him.  You really cannot have it both ways.  Jews reject Christ and are no respecters of Christianity.  (We’ll touch again briefly on the apparent heresy and apostasy below.)  At this point, he has worked himself up into a highly agitated state and he tells the listeners that if you do not support Israel and the Jews you are not good Christians and that you are “anti-Semitic”, and that anti-Semitism is sin and that that sin damns you for all eternity, or words to that effect.  By this time, I was getting a visceral reaction listening to the words of this man, i.e. he was literally making me sick.

2 things struck me as I listened to this man’s blindly passionate speech.  1. His incredible ignorance of true history.  And, 2. his denial of the tenets of Christianity (coming from a pastor, no less).

This was a very groveling speech by a man who could not do enough for Jews, could not sing their praises loud enough.  The only things he did not say were: 1.  That  in God’s eyes, the worst, criminal Jew is higher and more dear than the most loving, charitable, faithful Christian.  But, listening between the spoken lines, one could not be faulted for concluding that.  And, 2. that he would convert to Judaism.  I wonder why he did not.

Christian Jewish joint ventures are always a one way street

Ever wondered why all joint ventures between Christians and Jews only serve or benefit Jewish interests?  There are many allegedly charitable organizations that solicit financial donations from Christians and the monies gathered are only used for exclusively Jewish purposes.  That is the Talmud in action.  The goyim (non-Jews) are to serve the Jews.  Thus, the Jews will never pay for anything that they can get the goyim to pay for.  This not just true for capital (money).  It is also true for blood payments or sacrifices as in who fights and dies in the wars for Israel.  If the Zionist neocons can get the Americans to fight and die in wars that only benefit Israel, they will do so without any hesitation or reservation.

One public figure in particular needs to be called out here.  This is the man known by the name of Jay Sekulow (née Sokolov).  We recently saw something in print where he identified himself as either a Jewish Christian or as a Christian Jew – we cannot recall precisely which pair of terms he used.  This man’s Jewish ancestry/ethnicity dominates his Christianity (he likes to say that we as Christians have a biblical mandate to defend the state of Israel); and he figures prominently in various Christian Jewish charitable organizations where monies are collected on a large-scale from CZs and directed to various projects that benefit only Jews.  Thus, Christian Zionism is promoted from within the Evangelical community by ethnic Jews!  Not too long ago, we saw an item that asserted possible financial malfeasance in one or more of these charities where Mr. Sekulow is in an executive capacity.  We cannot at this time determine the veracity of these allegations.  But, if true, this would indeed be deeply disturbing.  This man is close to President Trump as he is part of the White House legal team.

Jewish villainy undermines the blind faith in the holiness of Jews

Hagee’s ignorance of history, or his conscious choice to ignore or deny Jewish villainy greatly diminishes his credibility to any objective listener.  (We have already addressed the self-serving misdeeds and crimes of Jews possessed by a revolutionary nature (or, if you prefer, a revolutionary psychopathology) on this blog.)

From the 1930s onwards, the Jews in Palestine have many times destroyed or desecrated Christian churches and shrines in Palestine (or, if you prefer, the Holy Land).  They seem to take a special pleasure in desecrating and destroying Marian shrines.  This has been chronicled elsewhere.  This behavior is consonant with the dictates of the Talmud that instruct Jews to insult Christianity wherever and whenever possible.  And, let us not forget that approximately 30 per cent of the suffering Palestinians are Christians.

Many organized crime figures in the US have been ethnic Jews  (Meyer Lansky is the best known but there are others).

As to Jews being a people without the possibility of sin or villainy, consider these examples of Jewish villains guilty of mass murder:

Bela Kun (Cohn) in Hungary.  This bloodthirsty Jewish tyrant and his Jewish thugs murdered thousands of Hungarians in his short-lived communist regime in 1919.  The Hungarian people revolted in an act of national (as in an ethnic people) self-defense and overthrew Bela Kun.  Kun fled to Russia where he was welcomed by fellow Jewish Bolsheviks.  He ran afoul of Stalin many years later and was himself killed circa 1939.  The Jews inflicted revenge on the Hungarians in 1945 when communism was forced on to the country again at the end of World War II.  When you hear of Hungarians being “anti-Semitic” (as in being opposed to the Jews), you now know they have good reason for being so.  (Recently, billionaire George Soros, a Hungarian born Jew, has run afoul of the current government in Hungary, so the nefarious Jewish intrigues continue.)


Genrikh Yagoda, called by some the greatest Jewish murderer of the 20th century, who carried out Stalin’s collectivization orders that resulted in the deaths of at least 10 million persons.  Other Jews ran the Gulag system in that murderous regime known to history as the Soviet Union.  The various state security apparatuses (Cheka, NKVD, later the KGB) were largely run by Jews who purged and “liquidated” millions from 1917 through the late 1930s.  (We thank a fellow WordPress blogger, World War Two Truth, and other book sources, for this information.)  You have likely heard of Trotsky (Bronstein), but there are many Jewish killers you never see mention of in any history text books in the Western world.  Communism and Zionism have been bloody movements that the Jews have forced on to the modern world.

a new religion?

Below, we include a link to a video of this speech on YouTube.  At about 11 minutes into the video, Hagee asserts the Jews have an eternal covenant with God (which is a not so subtle denial of Christ’s new and everlasting covenant, which superseded the Old Covenant).  A few seconds later he boasts (that through his efforts and the efforts of like minded CZs) that there are now 50 million Evangelical Christians in the US who (slavishly) support Israel, and that the giant of Christian Zionism has awakened.

The question arises: Is Christian Zionism an errant heresy of Christianity, or is it a new religion which centers not on Christ and His teachings found in the New Testament, but on the people of today known as Jews (who are mainly atheists or Talmudists (the Talmud contains many very vile and hateful passages attacking Christ and Christians))?  The passionate obsession that many CZs have for Jews and all things Jewish may lead a person to conclude that these CZs worship Jews.  Thus, we have a man centered religion rather than a God centered religion.  Christian Zionism makes Jews into an idol or false god.  Christianity did not develop out of what modern Judaism is (Pharisaic Talmudism).  To the extent that Christian Zionism is thought of as mainstream Christianity in the US, we have a subversion of authentic Christianity here in our country.  Christian Zionism is not found in the Orthodox branches of Christianity.  As well, despite troubling Vatican moves towards Israel and the Jews in the past half century, Christian Zionism is counter to the teachings of the Catholic Church.  Thus, Christian Zionism is the product of Protestant thinking and error.

Hagee’s motivations

Hagee may or may not be insane (a highly disturbed psychotic).  Not being trained in psychiatry, we cannot say for sure.  But, he surely is intellectually dishonest with himself and with others.  What are his motivations for so passionately (fanatically?) pushing harmful heresy and error on to unthinking Christians?  Does he believe he is scoring points with God (as in Genesis, Chapter 12, verse 3)?  Is he promoting Christian Zionism to be liked by and approved of by the Jews?  Or, are there other more base motives (like some kind of covert financial payoff for him in a Swiss bank account or offshore in the Cayman Islands)?

the takeaway for Christians

The takeaway from all this, dear readers, is to challenge Christian Zionism, and to govern your religious fervor with reason, or you will become as Hagee – a dangerous, heretical fanatic.

Are Christians, authentic Christians, to spread the Gospel, or are they to be spear carriers or foot soldiers for aggressive Zionism and the New World Order (to be run by Jews)?

Here is a link to the speech we found over on YouTube.



other related thoughts

Christian peoples and even non-Christian peoples ought not allow Jews to subvert, pervert, and redirect their cultures and societies.  Sadly, it is very late indeed, as the Jews through their political power (especially in the US), international financial power and ownership of much of the mass media pretty much control or disproportionately influence much of what goes on in the world today.  (The few holdout nations that are not now under heavy Jewish influence or control, to be libeled as rogue states, are in the crosshairs of the Zionist neocons.)  The bitter fruits of the many wars, revolutions and popular movements (social, political, economic) of the past few centuries have combined to produce this result.  These were in no small part the work of the emancipated Jews of Europe, and later of America.  Sadly, post Christian societies have allowed Jews to deform their culture, and that is a major reason why these societies are now post Christian rather than being authentically Christian.

It is quite possible that these Jews in Israel and in high places around the world will bring about a nuclear holocaust that will effectively end modern human civilization.  Perhaps, Evangelicals, that is what your Biblical prophecies are warning us about.

As any revisionist researcher/writer knows, world Jewry – through its manipulative financial control of Britain, and the infiltration of the Roosevelt administration in the US along with the Jewish Bolshevik regime in Russia – forced war upon Germany in 1939.  Jewish perpetual victimhood is belied (contradicted) by Jewish villainy.   The Jew promotes war for 2 principal reasons.  1. He will not tolerate any opposition to his schemes.  2. War weakens the peoples of the world the Jew wishes to control.  Of course, war industry profits bring the capitalists on board for war.

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  1. Hagee’s heresy is that he equates the OT with the New Covenant of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Therefore, the Jews, because they believe in Moses, get to live on the new earth for all eternity while Christians, because they believe in Jesus, get to go to Heaven. Unbelievable! Where does he get this perversion? Probably from poor fundamentalist theological training….and from C.I. Scofield’s Reference Study Bible. May God have mercy.

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