animal welfare versus animal rights

Many people have seen the moving late night television commercials put on by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS).  The serious plight of abandoned and mistreated animals is on poignant display and is coupled with a request for new donations ostensibly to help these poor animals in need.  What if we informed you that only a pathetic one percent of monies raked in by HSUS is directed to animal shelters?

Recently, we read the below linked articles that call attention to a significant problem to be aware of.  The problem is the attempt to put “animal rights” above sensible animal welfare.  Animals ought have humane treatment, and abuses curbed, yes, but extremist fanatics in some of these organizations are now using financial contributions from concerned citizens to push an animal rights agenda that seeks to completely destroy the animal-human connection including attempting to eliminate animal agriculture.  This is similar to the differences between responsible conservation and stewardship of the natural environment and environmentalist (eco fanatics) who desire to shut down or greatly reduce most development projects throughout the world.

Click on the below links so as to inform yourself of the hidden agendas of some of these purportedly humane groups. 

The larger issue here is the racket in the US of many phony charitable organizations that are not honest with donors as to where their money will go and how it will be spent.  A healthy amount of skepticism is clearly needed here.  It is not that there are no legitimate charities, but that there are many that lack transparency and high ethical standards.  Some groups are deceitful in their advertising and their public relations.  Much donated money is going to political activism (sometimes radical) rather than actually helping people or animals in need.  As well, even those executives heading up charities for veterans are taking home quite large salaries.  For those who donate cash gifts to charities, it is your responsibility to vet the groups you give to.  Do these truly do what they claim they do?  You have heard of “buyer beware”.  Now, we say “donors beware”.


radicalizing animal – rights over welfare

and more pet store bans and reductions of choices for pet owners are coming:

more pet store bans and reductions of choices

Our feature image is of our pet house cat that my wife adopted from a local shelter a few years ago.



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