when hope fails, duty persists

When hope at last fails (and fades), it is only our sense of duty that keeps us going.

This is something I wrote down some years back.  But, it is worth revisiting and pondering for a moment or two.

The commitment to duty, and the willingness to self-sacrifice, or sacrifice one’s self, must ultimately come from love.  What other possible explanations are there?

Honor, integrity, reputation, desired approval of others, etc. fail to adequately explain the level of personal sacrifice we see at times in others in very trying circumstances and over long periods of time while enduring much suffering, both mental and physical.

Character, or more accurately, character strength, is forged in difficult experiences.  So, too, does character strength show through in such trying experiences.

feature image

Oh, the problems and unintended effects that occur when photographing something through glass (as in the glass in the picture frame).  Even so, this is a nice image to include.



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