For San Francisco mayor, Ellen Lee Zhou is the pragmatic, rational alternative to the ideological, career politicians.  Ellen is non-partisan.  She is not ideologically driven and is not a candidate for identity politics.  Her positions on the challenges (affordable housing, the homeless, public safety and crime, etc.) facing the city of San Francisco are sensible and pragmatic.  It is time for thinking outside the box of ideology in order to help solve some of these longstanding problems in The City.

We have now had several decades of ideologically driven debate and agendas in city politics, in the mayor’s office, and on the Board of Supervisors.  Regrettably, ideology trumps common sense, public safety, and even human life in this city.  It is time for sensible, pragmatic policies to effectively address the longstanding challenges facing San Franciscans.

No, Ellen Zhou did not grow up in “the projects”, nor is she championing the various agendas of special interest groups entrenched in this city.  What she is telling voters is that she would, if elected mayor, strive to implement workable policies that would benefit all citizens in all parts of the city.

For more on Ellen and her positions on the various issues, please visit her website here, especially the Political Standpoints section:

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