book review: 9/11 Evil

In this banned book, the late Victor Thorn (1962-2016) lays out the very persuasive (perhaps compelling) case that Israel along with its dual loyalist fellow Jews in very high places within the US government (including the Defense Dept.) and in Israeli and US high-tech companies, and with the help of American Zionists in high places planned, executed and benefitted from the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the US.  Israel is the only country that could have pulled the attacks off successfully.  After reading this book, you will know that the “official” story is bull and is put out to the public to confuse us.  As the back cover states, this is the book that the ADL does not want you to read.  (We might opine that many leading agents of disinformation (such as Alex Jones) also do not want you to read it.)

You did not think such deception is possible.  Do not be surprised or shocked by the constant deceit and deception practiced by Jews on non-Jews.  The Talmud, the governing book of modern Judaism, teaches a bifurcated set of ethics.  Jews must not deceive nor harm other Jews, but they are free to do so to non-Jews.

From all the Israeli agents (in the US) arrested after the attacks and then released on orders of Jews in our government, to the 5 dancing Israelis seen celebrating the WTC collapse and later arrested with box cutters and bomb making materials, to the Jewish control of the security at the WTC and Jewish ownership of the doomed towers, we see that too many pertinent facts have been glossed over or covered up in the official story.  That is all covered in this book plus the hi tech computer technology companies involved that were controlled by Jews.

In the last several pages of the book, Thorn gives a listing of numerous examples of past Jewish villainy.  This gives needed context so that the casual reader can understand how the Jews could have committed such a terrible atrocity as the 9/11 attacks on America.  Much of this past villainy is really quite disturbing and distressing.

For its courage and candor and easy to read prose, we give 5 stars to this banned book.



Book data:

9/11 Evil: Israel’s Central Role in the September 11, 2001 Terrorist Attack, by Victor Thorn, copyright 2017 by American Free Press (originally published September, 2006 by Sisyphus Press),  American Free Press, 123 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-937787-47-9  

Relevant quote from book:

On page 113, there are cited some of the hateful injunctions against Gentiles found in the Talmud.  We quote from that page now:

. . .  (Well-known Jewish scholar Dibre David wrote of such hate speech: “If the Gentiles knew what we are teaching against them, they would kill us.”)

Where to order online:

American Free Press


The Barnes Review


This book review is a two-fer today!

This next title, Lucifer’s Army, is the sort of book that every person who professes to be a Christian ought to read.  This is especially true for Christian Zionists.  As well, any and all concerned citizens independent of religious affiliation would benefit from reading this book.  In a short, easy to read, and well-organized book (with helpful index), the history of the Jews and their nefarious intrigues and schemes is told for the layman.  After reading of the power wielded by Jews behind the scenes, especially since the late 1700s in Europe and America, you will understand why the world is so troubled today.  You will also be aware of the terrible danger posed by the Jewish drive for world domination to your country, your family, and your freedoms/rights.  With a very extensive bibliography at the end, you can cross check the facts in this short book for yourself.  Warning:  the contents of the book can cause much cognitive dissonance especially in the uninformed and misinformed citizenry.  Take note: Jews are no friends to Christianity or to Christians.  The Talmud, the uncensored version the Jews make use of, contains some incredibly vile (blasphemous) passages attacking Christ, Christians, and also all gentiles (the subhuman “goyim”).  They (Jews) are not of the “same civilization” as we Westerners (as Netanyahu recently claimed).  If only irrational and ignorant (as in uninformed and misinformed) individuals such as Pastor Hagee, a leading promoter of the poisonous heresy of Christian Zionism in the US, could take the blinders off and see the truth in plain sight.

The author concludes his book by stating that Israel must be disarmed of its nuclear and chemical WMDs for the sake of peace both in the Middle East and in the world.  Oh, you did not know that Israel has had atomic bombs for at least 45 years now?!  Is that not proof of who controls the news media and the publishing houses in the US?

For all the critically important, but not widely known, historic facts packed into this short book, we give it 5 stars.  This is both hidden history and forbidden history at their best.  And, the book proves the old adage that truth is indeed stranger than fiction.



Book data:

Lucifer’s Army: An Expose of Talmudic Tyranny, by Peter Christian, copyright 2017 by Peter Christian, published by The Barnes Review, 114 pages.  ISBN: 978-1-937787-41-7

Relevant quote from book:

Harold W. Rosenthal, in an interview in 1976, confirmed many of the things noted in this expose, i.e that Jews really do control America behind the scenes and that Americans are either too stupid or too fearful to do anything about it.  Here are a few of his words from that interview quoted on page 86 of this book.

We continue to be amazed with the ease by which Christian Americans have fallen into our hands . . .  With their eyes fixed on the issues, they fail to see who is behind every scene.  . . .  Democracy is mob rule, which we control through their churches, our news media, and economic institutions.  These religious puppets’ stupidity is only exceeded by their cowardice, for they are ruled easily.

Now, you understand why on this blog we have condemned Christian Zionism several times.

Where and how to order:

At, print out an order form, or simply neatly print by hand your order with necessary information to order this item.  It is item # 800, cost is $15 plus $5 shipping for orders up to $50 in books.  It is not clear why this book does not appear after a search of the website, but we ordered our copy by sending in a written order by US mail (with personal bank check for payment) and we did receive this book – so, it can be purchased (be sure to indicate the title in your order as it appears that this book is known by 2 item numbers, 800, and 766, see comments section below for more about this).

other related thoughts

Today, in 2018, there are approximately 7 and one half billion people alive in the world.  Yet, 99.6 (ninety-nine point six) per cent of us are ruled over by the remaining four tenths of one percent (Jews) who control the levers of power behind the scenes.

In what must now be considered formerly Christian nations in the Western world, we worship the Jews (heretical and apostate Christian Zionists do this), or we fear the power of the Jews that can be used against us to ruin our lives, bankrupt us or even result in imprisonment (in a growing number of countries), or we ignorantly buy into their propaganda of being a people suffering and enduring a “perpetual victimhood”.  One of the worst, most harmful things we allow the Jews to do in Western societies is to play the role of moral arbiters for us.  Whether on high courts as jurists, in legislative bodies, in the news media, or as professors in academia, or in making the movies we mindlessly watch, we allow and have allowed the Jews to deform Western civilization, especially so in the past 100 years as Jewish power reached its current zenith.  The social fabric is torn to shreds in almost every Western nation, and this did not happen by accident.

Are the Jews long-suffering, perpetually persecuted victims, or are they perpetual perpetrators and victimizers?  You decide.  But, before you can decide for yourself, you must become informed.

Disclaimer:  The above is not so-called “anti-Semitism”.  It is the sad reality that we are confronted with each and every day.

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  1. It’s amazing how the Jews constantly put us on the defensive with their “anti-Semitism” label! When are we going to to point out the Jews’ own “anti-Gentilism”? Hitler’s fictitious “Holocaust” of the Jews pales in comparison with the 200 million Christian souls that have been lost at the hands of Jewish-inspired worlds wars and Communist governments!

    Thanks for pointing out “Lucifer’s Army” to me, Larry. I was previously unaware of it.

    1. Thanks Stephen for commenting. Yes, I sent in an order for more copies just last Friday (Lucifer’s Army is a quite recent book that we just found out about early in April this year). We try to spread the word for the few who are willing to listen.

      As you mention the holocaust, several blog posts by other bloggers over the past year or so have informed readers that the “SIX MILLION” figure had been used many times previously. As early as 1872, Jewish groups were invoking this figure as regards alleged “pogroms” in Russia. It was used periodically after that in order to gain sympathy and financial donations for the plight of the poor Jews. It does appear that this figure (6 million) has some talismanic or kabbalistic or numerological significance for the Jews. It is a mantra for them to repeat ad nauseum.

      1. Yes, I’m aware that the “6 million” figure is age-old and appears to be sacred to the Jews. Perhaps that’s why they never reduced the (alleged) over-all death count from 6 million to just 3.5 million, after they reduced the deaths at Auschwitz alone from 4 million to 1.5 million in 1989. 6 million – 2.5 million = 6 million? They seriously believe this!

  2. We noticed last evening that on the back cover of Lucifer’s Army, it says item #766. So, if you order this book, be sure to include the title written out in your order. We found this title to be item #800 when we did an Internet search and found an old online catalog for Barnes Review book club that listed it as item #800. That is what we used in our earlier order that was filled for us. It is not clear why there is this seeming contradiction as to item number for this title.

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